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American Football  Coach (Hungary)

American Football is a rapidly growing sport in Hungary.  In just 9 years, the number of teams has grown from 1 to more than 30!  There is a desperate need for knowledgeable coaches to help! The Hungarian American Football Association has asked OM Hungary’s sports ministry team to help find coaches.  Sports ministry is one of the most effective means of reaching people for Christ and this is an incredible opportunity giving you opportunities to build meaningful relationships with players.

As soon as possible

as long as possible (full time)

Important Attributes:

  • Willingness to Learn (Language, Culture, etc.)
  • Flexibility
  • Some Coaching Experience (NOT required, just helpful)

Responsibilities include: Running or assisting with practices, field maintenance, leading youth groups and/or bible studies, teaching football in local schools, and more.

Training is offered in language and culture.

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

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Missions Gallery

Hungary :: kindergarten children enjoy the Easter puppet show
Hungary :: Local OMers team up with Finnish supporters, performing this years Easter Puppets
Hungary :: Families together enjoying games by the Bus4Life
Hungary :: This childs enjoyment of the Easter puppet show speaks for itself
Hungary :: Children at a Kindergarten enjoy the Easter puppets from OM Hungary
Hungary :: Children and adults alike enjoy Hungarian Folk Games by the Bus.
Hungary :: Children enjoy a puppet show performed by OMs puppet ministry team. Each Christmas and Easter the team travels to around 25 locations to share the Gospel message through puppet shows.
Hungary :: After enjoying a puppet show performed by the OM team, children enjoy booklets given to them as gifts. They can read stories and work on puzzles together.
Hungary :: Puppets are a great way to bring the Christmas Story to life for young children.
Hungary :: Summer Team helpers working alongside local Church members to teach English through Bible Stories at the Pestszentlorinc Reform Church.
Hungary :: The Bus4Life always draws a crowd on a street or in a town square, and people enjoy participating in whatever is happening.
Hungary :: OM Hungarys puppet team takes a short break between performances at the recent Easter outreach.

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American Football  Coach new!

American Football is a rapidly growing sport in Hungary.  In just 9 years, the number of teams has grown from...

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