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Missions Gallery

Malaysia :: Sessions during OM Malaysia and OM Singapores Life Direction Weekend included ‘Listening to God’, ‘Discovering God’s Hand in Shaping My Life’, ‘Discovering My Personality’, ‘Making Decisions’ and ‘Discerning God’s Call on My Life’.
Malaysia :: Seventeen participants from 9 different churches in Malaysia and Singapore ‘vacationed’ with God at the Life Direction Weekend in Port Dickson, Malaysia from 21-23 March.
Malaysia :: Moses and Irene Lim from Singapore and Cheong Swee Gim, AnitaLawrence and Philip Phua from Malaysia facilitated sessions at the Life Direction Weekend.
Malaysia :: The Life Direction Weekend was held at a conference centre in Port Dickson, Malaysia, and proved a perfect location for participants to rest in God.
Malaysia :: Inspired by the potential of literature ministry and the lives of those they met on board Logos in 1975, Malaysian university students lay the foundation of OMs ministry in Malaysia.
Malaysia :: While many Hindu people have heard of Christ and his teachings, it’s difficult to see him as the only God and not just another god.
Malaysia :: For five days, teens from Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia came together to connect to the ultimate power source, becoming lights to their families, communities and our world.
Malaysia :: Many teenagers learn in different ways, and during TeenStreet Malaysia, many were introduced to what was called Bible Studio. Instead of only reading, they would listen to a passage from the Bible, and draw what they heard. While this Thai teen listened to scripture in English, and then had it translated into Thai, he was able to capture the message on paper in a way he understood best.
Malaysia :: Four Thai teenagers left their country for the first time to attend TeenStreet Malaysia. Even though they left home nervous to speak English, they overcame their fear as they connected to the other young people through dance, games and other activities.
Malaysia :: Over 270 young people from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have gathered in Port Dickson, Malaysia for TeenStreet from 4-8 December 2013. They talked about getting connected to God–the source of POWER–to be a witness and catalyst to the nations.
Malaysia :: Trainer, Rachel Johnson, encourages FD24 participants from OM Korea.
Malaysia :: Trainers celebrating another successful FD24 training in Malaysia

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Teens from Malaysia and Southeast Asia connect to the ultimate power source during TeenStreet Malaysia 2013, becoming lights to their...

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