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Missions Gallery
United Kingdom

United Kingdom :: When OM Lifehope’s outreach team at Ward End,held their annual community barbeque, they did something a little different...
United Kingdom :: Glasgow Outreach - reaching children through baloons.
United Kingdom :: Dominic Notegen, a 27-year-old ELCO (English Language Community Outreach) student at OM Lifehope, felt he was called to spread the gospel.
United Kingdom :: Haley and pastor talking
United Kingdom :: The bracelets depict four images that share the gospel message.
United Kingdom :: Some of the team getting ready to go out in the community to peoples homes and pray for them.
United Kingdom :: A homeless person in Birmingham, UK.
United Kingdom :: English Language Community Outreach students from OM Lifehope lend a hand to volunteers at the Black Country Food Bank near Birmingham, UK.
United Kingdom :: During OM Lifehope’s Toolkit – an intensive training programme that equips workers for ministry, particularly in the UK – trainees work together, overcoming differences in language, culture, and personality to become a unified team.
United Kingdom :: Join a team for a five-month adventure!
United Kingdom :: OM Lifehope team member paints a henna design while sharing a story from the Bible.
United Kingdom :: This is a group of teens who participated in an outreach

Recent Stories
United Kingdom

BBQ in Ward End

When an OM Lifehope team, partnering with On the Move International, held their annual community barbeque, they did something a...

Life and hope for Glasgow

OM Lifehope partners with More Than Gold, an organisation that equips local churches to engage with their communities during the...

Pursuing missions

Dominic Notegen, a 27-year-old English Language Community Outreach student at OM Lifehope, feels called to spread the Gospel.

Fresh vision in an old city

When Rev Graham Clay, Pastor of Stratford-Upon-Avon Baptist Church, decided to have an OM ministry team work with his church,...

One wish

“If you could have one wish from God today, what would you wish for?” Evangelism coach, Richard Sharp, taught his...

more stories...

Recent Mission Opportunities
United Kingdom

International Webmaster - ICT Carlisle New!

Do you have one foot in the design world and one in IT? Are you interested in structuring the web...

Start Date: as soon as possible
· Commitment Length: 2-3 years
more information
Software Developer - ICT Carlisle New!

Developers are needed to work on OpenPetra, an Open Source Software Project initiated by OM (www.openpetra.org). It will eventually replace...

Start Date: as soon as possible
· Commitment Length: as long as possible
more information
System Administrator - ICT Carlisle New!

This is an opportunity to serve as a System Administrator in OM's International Co-ordinating Team (ICT).  The role is to...

Start Date: as soon as possible
· Commitment Length: 1-2 years
more information

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