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Short-term Missions Trip

##FULL## Africa Trek - An Adventure in Discipleship Phase 1 (May - August 2016) (South Africa)

A Missions outreach and Discipleship journey, providing an opportunity for believers to grow deeper in their faith, while reaching out to communities and churches in Africa.

A three month trek through southern Africa, assisting at various ministries that have been hand picked for maximum impact and discipleship opportunities.
Countries that MAY be visited (at least 4):
South Africa

Phase 1 is the initial 3 month Trek. If someone then desires, they can choose to also do Phase 2, but that is optional.
Phase 2 requires a total 1 year commitment starting with phase 1 (3 month Trek) and then serving the Africa Trek team in various ways for the next 9 months, which may include a second Trek.

single people welcome married couples welcome families welcome groups welcome
Sun 15 May 2016 – Thu 04 Aug 2016
Mon 15 Feb 2016
2,825 USD (participants from United States)

A full variety of ministries, which includes community development through practical work like building projects and skills training; ministering to communities with sports, youth work, and arts; evangelizing, preaching, and showing the Jesus film; serving the poor holistically and working with the church in Africa. Literature & Video Distribution, Traveling Teams, Community Projects/Social Action,etc.

If you are looking to grow deeper in your faith, be discipled, and desire to make an impact in God's Kingdom, OM Africa Trek is for you.

Accommodation will be basic but functional. Participants will sleep in tents. Depending on the location, accommodation might be provided through churches or local people's homes. 
Living with people from different cultures and backgrounds can be a challenge but also a great blessing as you learn from each other.

Be prepared to experience the wide diversity of the African cuisine in every country you travel to. 
You will be notified beforehand if tap water is clean to drink.
 If you have allergies to certain types of food, please notify us beforehand.

Please note that the below ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE airports might change. This will be communicated in plenty of time for participants to make travel arrangments.

Participants need to arrive in Johannesburg (JNB), South Africa, on 15 May, 2016 and if you are staying only for Phase 1, depart from Lusaka Intl Airport (Zambia) on 04 August 2016. Participants will be picked up at the airport in Johannesburg & dropped off at the airport in Lusaka. *IMPORTANT - PLEASE SEE GENERAL NOTES

Participants will be traveling a lot and will be helping through various physical activities and therefore need to be in good health.

All visa costs must be paid by the participant above the Cost and Currency stated above. Some participants may need to purchase their visas for certain countries before they arrive in Africa. Other visas may be able to be purchased at the border and participants will need to bring US$ with them to pay for the visa then. Trek team leaders will help with info for each country, but the responsibility is the participants.

The South African Department of Health has issued a statement that all returning travelers from South Africa to Zambia and travelers from Zambia to South Africa will now require proof of yellow fever vaccination. All in-transit passengers between the two destinations, irrespective of the time period in transit, will also require proof of yellow fever vaccination

If a Trek participant would like to stay in Kabwe, Zambia after the Trek for the Love Africa Conference which starts the day after the Trek ends, there will be normal conference charges that are in addition to Trek costs.

Find Your Opportunity

Applications Closed

The application deadline for this trip has already passed – if you are interested in current opportunities, check out our short-term mission trips by country, date or type.

Missions Gallery
South Africa

South Africa :: Port Elizabeth, South Africa :: Local pastor opens a Pastors Box donated by Logos Hopes Help Ministries.
South Africa :: “[At MDT,] I realized that I was hiding myself behind my analytical mind. I did not want to deal with my emotions, and this behaviour caused me pain, anger, resentment, pride, jealousy and selfishness. So I prayed that God would make me humble and to open up my heart’s desires, and suddenly, I realized that I had to deal with sin. … God revealed to me that all these sins that made me feel guilty were already dealt with by Jesus on the cross; I was free and forgiven, once and for all.” - Tiwonge from Malawi, MDT participant
South Africa :: “When you get missionally involved in a country, culture, or people group, you start to see the needs through the eyes of God. Sometimes, this can be overwhelming, and you can feel helpless. I struggle with a sense of ‘we must do more.’ This is when God reminds me to be faithful in the things He has called me to and live the example Jesus modelled for us; we cannot change the whole world, but we can share Jesus with others, through words and actions, and He will change the world.” - Ruth from UK, MDT leader
South Africa :: “My interest in missions started when I was 15 years old and my dad passed away. I had a wish to go out in the world and help people in some way, but I wasn’t completely missions-minded until God led me to MDT, where I learned more of His purposes. I only started to do missions now when I came to MDT, so it has not been for long, but I will definitely continue doing missions, because it’s important to reach out to the people who do not know God and give them the light of love of God.” - Maggy from Sweden, MDT student
South Africa :: “When I was on the [OM] ship, I asked God one morning to show me how much I love Him. I thought I had a great relationship with Him going. He asked me, ‘How much do you love that brother in the cabin opposite you?’ I showed God with index finger and thumb a few centimetres apart how much I loved this guy. (The truth was I couldn’t tolerate him.) Then came the answer from God: ‘Now you know exactly how much you love Me.’ That was shattering to realise that the same love I have for people (even my enemies) is the same love I have for God. My biggest struggle is to love God and then my neighbours as myself.” - Francois from South Africa
South Africa :: “Jesus has called us to come and follow Him. Therefore, my understanding of leadership is to follow Jesus. If you are too big to follow, you are too small to lead. Daily dependence on Him and His leading enables us to take others with us on this journey to see lives and communities transformed.” - Francois from South Africa, OM Africa leader
South Africa :: “I learned to depend on God very much [in missions], and I will say serving as line-up team leader for five years on Logos Hope, I have learned that God hears prayers and He is always in control.” - Barnard from South Africa, MDT leader
South Africa :: Cape Town, South Africa :: From Left: Mr. Klaus Heidorn (Deputy Head of the German Consulate General), Prof Brian OConnell (the former Head of Education of the Western Cape), Cantor Ivor Joffe (Cantor of the Sea Point Hebrew Congregation), Maulana Syed Aftab Haider (Religious Leader of the Shia Muslim Community of South Africa), Rev Barry Isaacs (Senior clerical leader in the Western Cape and Head of Transformation Africa), Ald. Belinda Walkler (Mayors representative) and Seelan Govender (Director of Logos Hope) cuts the ribbon to officially open Logos Hopes book exhibition.
South Africa :: Port Elizabeth, South Africa :: Dyfan Graves (United Kingdom) re-enact his encounter with three juvenile delinquent boys in a judicial centre holding cell.
South Africa :: East London, South Africa :: Logos Hope alongside in East London.
South Africa :: Cape Town, South Africa :: Logos Hope arrives in Cape Town, South Africa.
South Africa :: Cape Town, South Africa :: Logos Hope arrives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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South Africa

Sharing the gospel in a hair salon

Logos Hope crew members share the Gospel in a hair salon with someone who has never before heard about Jesus.

Either God or not.

MDT trainees have an opportunity to minister and pray for healing for a lady in Lesotho.

A double dose of hope

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope is helping promote The Bible App for Kids in South Africa with OneHope

Once and for all

A Missions Discipleship Training participant discovers that his sins were dealt with by Jesus on the cross, making him free...

Using arts to open hearts

In July, an OM team of artists will use their creative gifts to share about the Creator at the National...

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South Africa

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