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International :: Steffen Zoege joined OM 18 years ago. Last year, he started his new role as Chief Operating Officer for OM International, which means that he oversees all corporate services fucntions for OM. Steffen is married with Daniela and has one daughter, Lisa-Sophie. He works out of Germany.
United Kingdom :: Playing Football in Hyde Park
Moldova, Republic of :: In his recently published book Missionary, Me? Matthew Skirton, field leader of OM Moldova, shares his personal story and tells of the beginnings and the growth of the ministry of OM in Moldova in the 20 years since the vision was sparked in October 1994.
Russian Federation :: New life in the Uzbek fellowship, Novosibirsk.
Ukraine :: Chaplain Alyosha
Ukraine :: Soldiers With Gospel Tracks
Ukraine :: Wayne with Kevlar Helmets for War Zone Chaplains
El Salvador :: Love each other... was the Lords command. The OM team in El Salvador is looking for opportunities to show love and appreciation to the poor through the medical work.
Indonesia :: View of part of DreamAsia property in Northern Indonesia, from the roof of the training centre. Natural vegetation and overgrown farm plots are visible, with a view of the sea in the background.
Near East :: The Roman amphitheater can be seen from the citadel; prayer walking through Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: The next generation, growing up in the Middle East.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Walking through history in the Citadel from Roman times in Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Thousand years in one view; prayer walking through Jordan.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Jordanian man dresses in traditional clothing for a special event.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah
Near East :: Training, mentoring, discipleship, we seek to always learn and grow in the Near East Field.  Photo by Garrett Nasrallah

Please note

All opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Those working with OM have the privilege of developing a team of financial partners, who make donations to OM. These donations cover the worker’s expenses while serving in OM. Training on developing a financial support team is available.

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