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Arabian Peninsula :: The local proverb states, Once you have sand between your toes, you can never get it out.  Photo by Josiah Potter
Near East :: Church bells mingle with the mosque’s call to prayer; steeples and minarets both punctuate the skylines of cities in the Near East.  Photo by Josiah Potter
Near East :: Cross stiching is a common craft in this country in the Near East, where the traditional dress is covered in the different colors of cross stitch.  Photo by Kathryn Berry
Near East :: Believers distribute winter warmth to Syrian refugees in the Near East.  Photo by Julia
Guatemala :: A bible study group gathered a few days before Christmas and celebrated with the families of OM Guatemalas Project Rescue with a programme, dinner and gifts for the children.
Guatemala :: An volunteer gives away a small gift to a girl during a Christmas celebration at Project Rescue in Guatemala.
Guatemala :: A christian magician makes the children laugh during a Christmas celebration in Guatemala.
France :: The team ready to welcome travelelers at the check-in desk, Global Village, France
France :: A young French lady at the writing wall at Global Village, OM:s creative mission experience.
Near East :: Laughter is good for the soul.  Photo by Justin
Near East :: Laughter is good for the soul.  Photo by Justin
Near East :: The keys of the past shape the way we see our future.  Photo by Julia
Indonesia :: Young football stars line up for a photo during their weekly practice.
International :: Moray Henderson has a degree in Marine Biology and Zoology and an MSc in computing. He joined the OM IT department in 1997 and now also works with OMNIvision. His favourite book is Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.
Myanmar :: OM Myanmars Youth Club is a great place for young people to build friendships and learn more about Jesus.

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All opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Those working with OM have the privilege of developing a team of financial partners, who make donations to OM. These donations cover the worker’s expenses while serving in OM. Training on developing a financial support team is available.

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