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Near East :: Child plays nearby as his family seeks refuge from the fighting in Iraq.
Near East :: Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been internally displaced during the current conflict.
Near East :: Refugees and internally displaced peoples in Iraq seek refuge under a bridge in Northern Iraq.
Near East :: Water is precious, during time of conflict, for the internally displaced peoples of Iraq.
Near East :: Refugees seek shelter in un-finished buildings in Northern Iraq.
New Zealand :: Twelve residents from Ranfurly Care Society, an organisation for people with intellectual disabilities, took part in Auckland’s inaugural Freedom Climb on Saturday, 16 August.
New Zealand :: About 110 men, women and children climbed five volcanoes (Domain, Mt Eden, Mt Hobson, Mt St Johns and One Tree Hill) in Auckland’s inaugural Freedom Climb.
New Zealand :: All participants were divided into four groups of different ability and speed, and pink or blue drink bottles were distributed at Freedom Climb New Zealand.
New Zealand :: Terrena Griffiths (New Zealand), who believes that Freedom Climb “is a great cause and a great way to encourage the family to get moving”, was thrilled to be the first runner to complete the 16km climb.
El Salvador :: A little boy, who came to the clinic in El Naranjito a very remote area in El Salvador, during the Samaritan Adventure.
Mexico :: George Verwer praying for some people in Mexico City.
Mexico :: This is the biggest line that I have seen of people waiting for a book. After the ships, said George Verwer during a recent visit to Mexico.
Mexico :: Mexican ladies thanking George Verwer for coming to their church.
Mexico :: Celebrating with 200 guests, most of them OMers and pastors: 57 years of ministry in Mexico.
Mexico :: George Verwer went to a big church in Mexico City with OM México

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All opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Those working with OM have the privilege of developing a team of financial partners, who make donations to OM. These donations cover the worker’s expenses while serving in OM. Training on developing a financial support team is available.

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