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Galería de Misiones

Panamá :: Theodolinda is very thankful for OM Panamas food kitchen for her children.
Panamá :: Roderique, father of 4, is very thankful for OM Panamas food kitchen.
Panamá :: Celinda, mother of 10, doesnt have enough money to buy food for all her children and is very thankful for OM Panamas food kitchen.
Panamá :: Panamian school children with World Cup tracts. Two men from Guatemala are using the worldwide focus on football to talk to people about Jesus. Loaded with tracts, theyre travelling through Central America. At the start of the World Cup, they reached the OM Panama team. We had an incredible festival with many games and dramas for children and parents alike, to celebrate the start of the World Cup and share Jesus with them, said one of the OM Panama team members. We have been able to hand out tracts to thousands of people here in Panama to share with them the love of Christ during this time.
Panamá :: Five times a week, OM Panama runs Bread of Life, a programme for over 200 children from impoverished families. The children receive food, follow up with their home situation, monitoring of school attendance, and attention for their general well-being.
Panamá :: OM Panama’s Bread of Life project provides a programme five days a week for over 200 children, the majority of whom are in desperate need of adequate nutrition, along with physical, mental, social and spiritual development.
Panamá :: These children are painting during OM Panamas food kitchen ministry.
Panamá :: OM Panama teaches women how to sew.
Panamá :: Kids get food at OM Panamas food kitchen ministry at a local church.
Panamá :: For the second time this year, the mission experience programme Mission Extreme starts and will focus on reaching out to people in remote indigenous areas. Though the team is a lot smaller than other times, they are ready to impact the lives of many through the gospel.
Panamá :: To raise more money for their ministries, OM Panama puts up a table and sells christian books and cake. At the same time they share with people about their work, the ministries and their faith.
Panamá :: Using a creative way, a worker from OM Panama teaches the children of a local school about salvation and forgiveness. OM Panama visits local schools to tell the children about Jesus.

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