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Galería de Misiones

Rumania :: Old lady crying as the team was singing songs while visiting her home. She was in a wheel chair and could no longer go to church or anywhere else because of her disability.
Rumania :: Raluca (RO) with two teenage girls in a village
Rumania :: Our team riding bikes to the next village during the Biking Outreach.
Rumania :: A warm meal offered to the poor through Feeding the Poor project in Romania
Rumania :: Most common way of transportation in rural Romania - the horse cart, called carutza!
Rumania :: Biking through the fields of Romania taking the Gospel from village to village!
Rumania :: Teaching children how to pray is the most precious gift! The Transit team has done this and much more while visiting a village in Romania!
Rumania :: Raluca (RO) chatting with local people in a village in Romania
Rumania :: The joy of Sister Jana getting baptized was contagious to all who were present and beyond. This was the first baptism that ever took place in her village.
Rumania :: Mpumi (SA) sharing the gospel in an open air meeting when the Transit team  visited a village in Romania.
Rumania :: Theres an ongoing conflict between the Rromas (Gypsies) and the Romanians. But love has no boundaries! Here are two very good friends: one is Rroma, the other Romanian.
Rumania :: Old lady reading the Bible with her broken glasses during the morning devotions

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