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Turquía :: Winter Outreach 2014 in Izmir
Turquía :: A view of the city of Izmit
Turquía :: Now is a great time to spread the news of Jesus!
Turquía :: Kurdish girl offers precious ring in response to good news
Turquía :: Covered bride in Eskişehir Turkey
Turquía :: Refreshing lemonade for a hot summers day!
Turquía :: Figs, fresh and fruity from Turkey
Turquía :: Delicious fruit of Turkey
Turquía :: Believers sharing the gospel with Ayşe the covered lady
Turquía :: The Basılıca Cistern
Turquía :: Always a tasty starter
Turquía :: Juicy and succulent kebabs on the skewer and ready to eat

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Church planting through friendship

A local church, with the help of an OM outreach team, invites Turks to engage and see the church as...

A precious gift

A Kurdish girl gives a precious ring to an OM worker, who is reminded of God’s most precious gift to...

A feast of sacrifice and opportunities

OM workers share the good news with Turkish Muslims during the Feast of the Sacrifice.

Seed sowing in the southeast

Two young women learn that even in 'tough' places, it is easy to sow seeds of the gospel.

‘We follow Jesus Christ’

The concept of a missions conference holds new meaning for two workers in Turkey who attend an international Muslim cultural...

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Recent Mission Opportunities

Church Planter/Evangelist/Discipler ¡Nuevo!

Turkish Outreach are looking for people with a passion for Jesus and a heart to see churches planted throughout the...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 3 años +
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Field Administrator ¡Nuevo!

Combine your skills in administration with your passion for the unreached in this exciting role! We're looking for an administrator...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 1-2 años
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Training in Muslim Outreach ¡Nuevo!

Our team in Istanbul welcomes you!  Our training programme will prepare you in Turkish language, Muslim apologetics, creative evangelism and...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 2-3 años
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