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Galería de Misiones

Turquía :: Taco, a creative arts team based in Turkey, does their Face to Face Abraham play on the streets of Turkey.
Turquía :: A man in a Turkish village wearing traditional garb.
Turquía :: A common profession of teenagers in Turkey
Turquía :: Seller of simit, a tasty type of Turkish bagel
Turquía :: Elderly man in Turkey
Turquía :: More pigeon feeding than praying is going on at this mosque.
Turquía :: Turkish government tents for refugees from Kobane
Turquía :: Turkish government tents for refugees from Kobane
Turquía :: Iraqi refugees at a camp in Turkey
Turquía :: Christian donations for refugees from Iraq at Turkey camp
Turquía :: The childrens ministry tent at the refugee camp in Silopi, Turkey.
Turquía :: A guitar lesson at Kanat camp.

Recent Stories

For the kingdom

What elements do you hold in your hands that can be used for eternity?

On the 'wings' of worship

Kanat, which means 'wings' in Turkish, is the biannual worship arts camp run by the Taco team in Turkey.

The God of all comfort

A Muslim woman relates to the story of the Good Samaritan and receives comfort from God.

Grace versus good works

Mary* and Joy* share their faith, but their Muslim friends remain adamant that only through good works, can they earn...

Searching for truth

A Muslim woman reads the New Testament, saying, “If [God] shows me Jesus’ book is true, I will follow it.”...

más historias...

Recent Mission Opportunities

Personnel Manager

We're looking for an organised and versatile Personnel Manager to join our area support team. You'll be providing a key...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 2-3 años
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Are you good at administrative tasks? Do you have a heart for the unreached nations of the world? Combine your...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 1-2 años
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Graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you can play a vital role in the growth of the church as you design resources...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 1-2 años
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