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Galería de Misiones
Reino Unido

Reino Unido :: “I wasn’t satisfied with what I did in my job [before joining missions], and I wanted to make more out of my life—give this special time for God. I can’t imagine going back to ‘normal life,’ doing a ‘normal job.’” - Waldemar from Germany, OM Lifehope
Reino Unido :: “[In missions,] I have become more bold, and my faith in God is increased each day, because each and every day, I have to depend on God to supply my needs, and speaking to different people each day, I have to be bold and believe that God has touched them through His word.” - Roy from Zimbabwe, OM Lifehope
Reino Unido :: “I hope to help children who do not know Jesus yet realize that learning about God can be fun!” - Rachel from USA, with OM Lifehope
Reino Unido :: “I honestly didn’t decide to serve in the UK. I was called to serve and feed God’s people, and I went where I saw a need. I do feel like this is a good place and fit for me, but I wouldn’t want to put God in a box in saying this is the best or only place.” - Matt from USA
Reino Unido :: “I want children to get the best possible picture of God, who He is, and [know] that He loves them.” - Kees-Jan from the Netherlands
Reino Unido :: “For a long time, I thought that missions would fix me, you know? As if, somehow, me leaving home and starting full-time mission work would sort out my heart issues and I would finally be the obedient disciple I wanted to be. My biggest struggle has been relearning that the process of looking more and more like Jesus is one that requires a lot of trust and a lot of sacrifice.” - Joshua from USA
Reino Unido :: “I’m finishing my second year [with OM] now. I believe, and hopefully it’s true, that I’m closer to the person that God wants me to be. I guess that’s what has changed most [since I joined missions]: my interest in knowing who, what, and where God wants me to be.” - Jennifer from France, in the UK
Reino Unido :: “I came to Christ in 1999, and from that time on, I’ve always had the desire to serve God full-time. I had a passion to see people growing in their faith and to know the same God that I had found. The day that I discovered that it is God’s will for us to share our experience with others, I saw that as we share our faith, it is a way to express thankfulness for what He gave us.” - Givas from Brazil, Persian team leader in UK
Reino Unido :: “I hope God uses my time [in missions] for at least one person to be changed. That has been sort of my team’s prayer these last four months—that one kid comes closer to God, and we get to see it and experience it. I just want to go through my life knowing that happened. (And if more get changed, though, I’m not complaining.)” - Blake from USA, formerly with Lifehope
Reino Unido :: At Christian events in the UK, OM is encouraging Brits to join a Short-Term Mission this summer.
Reino Unido :: Two men participate in an interactive exhibition at Christian conference, Word Alive. The installation helps the UK Church understand how to partner with OMs refugee ministries across Europe and Middle East.
Reino Unido :: UK TeenStreet Co-ordinator, Deejay, encourages British church-goers to partner with OMs refugee ministries across Europe and Middle East at UK music festival, Big Church Day Out.

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Reino Unido

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Reino Unido

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