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Galería de Misiones

Moldavia :: This lady was commonly known as ‘The Crying Lady’ - broken by loneliness and hopelessness. The local church, which runs one of OM Moldova’s Elderly Care Centres, brought her food, offered friendship and told her about God. Through their care she found a reason to smile again and discovered that this God responded when she cried out to Him.
Moldavia :: A Moldovan girl who participated at a day camp organised by an OM outreach team
Moldavia :: A small Moldovan holding onto his greatest delight - a ball. During a day camp for children, this boy found it hard to concentrate or participate in activities, but had the greatest joy simply kicking this ball back and forth with a team member and could have done this for hours.
Moldavia :: A typical Moldovan old lady
Moldavia :: An old Moldovan man is standing at the edge of a field, watching children play during a programme organised by an OM outreach team.
Moldavia :: A frequent sight in a Moldovan village: A man and two children are looking over a wooden fence, typically painted green.
Moldavia :: An old Moldovan man at his front door. It is a typical village home - as seen also in the wooden door that is painted blue and has single glass panes, held in place by nails.
Moldavia :: A typical old Moldovan lady walking down a country lane in a Moldovan village
Moldavia :: An old lady that was visited by an outreach team in her Moldovan country home. In the courtyard you can also see firewood (in preparation for winter) and an improvised fence made of the ends of old metal bed-frames.
Moldavia :: An old Moldovan lady sits in front of her home while receiving a visiting outreach team who also brought her fresh bread.
Moldavia :: An old Moldovan lady is looking over the fence in front of her village home
Moldavia :: Moldovan children are paying full attention as they watch and listen to a story being told at a children’s programme organised by an OM outreach team.

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Are you interested in videotaping/ taking photos and do you want to serve God with your talents? Join our team...

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