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Galería de Misiones

Portugal :: A young woman from Finland took part in the surfing outreach in Portugal.
Portugal :: A view across Rio Douro in Porto, Portugal.
Portugal :: Troy and Michelle Pitney are moving to Portugal in the fall of 2014. Troy will be taking classes at Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST) to prepare for church planting.
Portugal :: Pastor João Rodrigues and his family have moved to Fatima, Portugal, to begin outreach in this heavily-Catholic area.
Portugal :: A California surfer and his family goes to plant a church in Portugal.
Portugal :: The Portugal Surflink team on Transform 2012 outreach.
Portugal :: The Portugal Surflink team on Transform 2012 outreach.
Portugal :: The Portugal Surflink team on Transform 2012 outreach.
Portugal :: OMer Richard Sharp teaches evangelism methods at a youth camp in Porto, Portugal
Portugal :: Troy, leader of the Transform 2012 Surflink team, talks to another surfer on the beach in Portugal.
Portugal :: A Transform 2012 Dancelink: Portugal dancer performs in an evangelistic show.
Portugal :: The Transform 2012 Dancelink: Portugal outreach team performs at a cultural center. (Photo by: Katie Morford)

Recent Stories

What would you wish for?

One Finnish woman discovers that a simple question seems to be all it takes to talk about God in a...

OM Portugal begins outreach to Fátima

OM Portugal sends a Portuguese pastor and his family to begin outreach in the Catholic town of Fátima.

Portugal Dancelink team clears way for Transit team harvest

A Transform 2012 Dancelink team in Mondim, Portugal, clears the way for a Transform Transit team to see the Gospel...

Youth learn new methods to share their faith

OMer Richard Sharp teaches practical and relevant methods of sharing the Gospel with Portuguese young people at a youth camp.

Demon cast out through prayer

The Transform Surflink team prayed for a woman suffering from demon possession, and the demon came out.

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Fatima sits about one hour north of Portugal's capital city, Lisbon. It is a small town with a population of...

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