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Galería de Misiones

Ucrania :: Joyful reaction of orphans during Easter program in Odessa Province
Ucrania :: Tanya from Vinnitsa with two children who joined the new Sunday School initiative in a village in the province
Ucrania :: Fun in the sun with volunteer, Aleksandra
Ucrania :: Adopted orphan in Ukraine having fun at the black sea during evangelistic camp for their new families
Ucrania :: OM Field Leader Wayne Zschech, plastic waste to energy
Ucrania :: Waste to resource: shredder Ukraine sustainable missions
Ucrania :: Kids Games kicks off in the freezing foyer where refugees have been housed for almost two years.
Ucrania :: Written Encouragement for the boys from the team at Odessa Evangelistic boys camp
Ucrania :: Soccer fun day for Refugee children in Odessa Ukraine
Ucrania :: Children going through Fun Testing for infection of the sin virus during the introduction to the evangelistic winter camp in an orphanage in the Odessa province.
Ucrania :: Vova Borodiy, coaches a soccer team with the name Hope in the city of Rovno. Even in icy temperatures!
Ucrania :: An OM team member is testing the waste2energy pyrolysis machine

Recent Stories

Hope for children with autism

OM Ukraine Odessa invites children with autism and their families to a two-day summer camp.

Push-ups opens the door for the gospel

The OM Ukraine team in Vinnitsa hosts a summer camp and experiences unity with churches and transformation with children.

Making a difference during war

As war continues in the east of Ukraine, refugees flood Odessa. OM cannot turn a blind eye to its new...

‘Now is the time for the Church to shine’

An OM Ukraine leader reports that amidst ongoing conflict, deep changes are taking place that OM Ukraine expects will lead...

War, winter and witnesses in the Ukraine

Ministering in a country at war is not fun – but a privilege. Ukraine is going through intense emotions and...

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Recent Mission Opportunities

Field Personnel Officer

Post-revolutionary Ukraine has seen many Christians, ministries and churches bravely impacting the world around them. It is also a new...

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· Compromiso: el mayor tiempo posible
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Cricket Developer/Youth Pastor

We have created Ukraine's first dedicated cricket ground and training facility. We have Ukraine's first team boasting local players and...

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· Compromiso: 3 años +
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Field Communications Facilitator

God is at work through His church and through OM in a post-revolution and “at war” Ukraine.
OM Ukraine wants you...

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· Compromiso: el mayor tiempo posible
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