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Galería de Misiones

Ucrania :: Esther Hoogenraad from the Netherlands joined the Easter puppet show outreach in Vinnitsa province April May 2016
Ucrania :: Esther Hoogenraad, STM participant from the Netherlands, during her time in Vinnitsa Ukraine
Ucrania :: The womens fitness group helps teach women to view their physical bodies in a healthy way.
Ucrania :: Maks Schlikov meets with a group of boys from families that fled the war zone in East Ukraine every Tuesday to play soccer. They talk about lifes challenges and what they learn about God.
Ucrania :: Heyden Evans taught the boys in an orphanage in Odessa province how to build bird boxes and brought much joy to these orphans!
Ucrania :: On the left is Ilia, one of the IDPs at OM Odessa centre. His family found help and support after fleeing the war zone.
Ucrania :: Christmas carol outreach in Odessa, Ukraine, with volunteers from our partner church in support of the Crossroads church plant
Ucrania :: In Odessa, Ukraine, soccer is a great way to build positive relationships with refugee children.
Ucrania :: Christmas presents for children in the conflict zone in Ukraine
Ucrania :: Maria Altugova, long term volunteer with OM, doing childrens evangelism with magic tricks.
Ucrania :: Serioge accepted Christ together with his wife, Natasha just over a year ago. They are being ostracised by family and friends...
Ucrania :: Smiles and Christmas presents at home for girls with mental disability. The OM volunteers reach out to these girls year round.

Recent Stories

Anya's story (stories from Ukrainian refugees)

A 17 year old high school student shares about how she fled from the war zone and came to stay...

OM making an impact: A personal account of a refugee

A 29 year old recounts how his family fled the war zone and came to stay at OM Odessa centre

Church planting within the conflict zone

A report of results: OM has been supporting church planting efforts and training local missionary teams to plant churches nearby...

OM lending a hand to start the healing

OM supported the Ukrainian Military Ministry in order to print trauma counselling books

Hope for children with autism

OM Ukraine Odessa invites children with autism and their families to a two-day summer camp.

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Recent Mission Opportunities

Field Personnel Officer

Post-revolutionary Ukraine has seen many Christians, ministries and churches bravely impacting the world around them. It is also a new...

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