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Galería de Misiones

Ucrania :: Thankful woman who were helped by OM
Ucrania :: Ruslan and his family find refuge at the OM ministry centre.
Ucrania :: Chaplain Alyosha
Ucrania :: Soldiers With Gospel Tracks
Ucrania :: Wayne with Kevlar Helmets for War Zone Chaplains
Ucrania :: Having some fun in the summer camp, getting down and dirty  in games and team building exercises.
Ucrania :: Four new brothers and sisters with Ukraines team leader, Stefan, in the center.
Ucrania :: The commander ordered all soldiers to remove their headgear while praying. The soldiers, and many, cried knowing that this could be the last chance to repent before going to war!
Ucrania :: Many families and children have come to Kiev after being forced to leave their homes in the East of Ukraine. We were able to have a camp with these kids and share Gods love through songs, crafts, and games.
Ucrania :: A chaplain, one of our OM members, eating with the soldiers on the front lines. He desires to share one last time with these men in the war zone.
Ucrania :: Ukraine was once the bread basket of the soviet union, having some of the best soil in the world! The beauty it produces is remarkable. This time of year we are reminded and encouraged that much fruit can come from just a little seed.
Ucrania :: Newly bought soccer balls in Rivne, Ukraine

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