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Galería de Misiones

Kosovo :: Kosovar girls dance in traditional Albanian dresses for a festival
Kosovo :: Participants, in the singing workshop of OM Pristinas arts camp 2014, perform their last song on the night.
Kosovo :: Participants in OM Pristinas arts camp 2014 spend time outside, drawing.
Kosovo :: A Brazilian dancer performs before a Kosovar crowd for the OM Arts tour in Kosovo
Kosovo :: Brazilian dancer, Mariana dances with her hands and feet tied together like a puppet, in a dramatic version of Max Lucados book You are Special
Kosovo :: Brazilian dancer, Mariana dances before a Kosovar crowd, communicating freedom in Christ from others judgements.
Kosovo :: During the 2014 OM Pristina Arts Camp, participants from the guitar workshop performed on the final night.
Kosovo :: During the 2014 OM Pristina Arts Camp, participants learned a choreographed dance in their daily workshop and performed it on the final night.
Kosovo :: With the help of the OM team, a widow and her five children moved out of a poor community housing and into their own house.
Kosovo :: Evening view of the Rugova Mountains of Kosovo
Kosovo :: A survivor of abuse in the Balkans knits to support herself and her children.
Kosovo :: OMer distributes Christmas boxes to children in her weekly kids meeting in Kosovo.

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New soil

Forty-three Kosovar youth plus five days of art camp equals creative sowing for the Kingdom by OM Arts in Kosovo.

Feeding murderers

An OMer shares her experience delivering food packages in Kosovo, as she encounters a family involved in a blood feud.

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