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Galería de Misiones

Kosovo :: “One of the good things about MKs is that they adapt well into another culture. And so I found that I was tempted to rely on that for success when I moved to Kosovo, when really, that’s not what makes a successful missionary—it’s relying on God. I had this moment when I was in my homestay, and I had an identity crisis. I had tried to adapt so much and I was disconnected from everything else. I felt like I had to return always to who God is and who He thinks I am. That was my grounding point at the end of the day.” - Meredith, MK in Europe
Kosovo :: OM Kosovo gives wood donations to needy families in wintertime to heat their houses.
Kosovo :: The Rugova mountains of Kosova just before spring
Kosovo :: Young and old alike fill up the main walking street at midday in a Kosovar city
Kosovo :: Hand-made traditional Kosovar Albanian dresses in a city bazaar
Kosovo :: OM offers Kosovar youth at risk the opportunity to learn life skills in welding and electrical training
Kosovo :: A village street in Kosovo
Kosovo :: A short-termer drinks Russian tea in a village in the Balkans during a Transform 2015 outreach
Kosovo :: Chickens are not an uncommon sight in Kosovar towns and cities
Kosovo :: Families often live with many generations and relatives in one house in Kosovar villages
Kosovo :: A girl plays outside with her cousins and neighbours in the village
Kosovo :: A grandmother with her baby granddaughter in a Kosovar village

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Truth gift-wrapped

Two villages. 207 New Testaments. Countless steps. The Transform team walk from home to home, sustained by prayer.

A true dream

After losing some vital documents, a new believer in Kosovo prays to God for help finding them—and He answers in...

A widow's 50 cents

After obeying God's prompting to give more than she could afford to a church collection, a widow and new believer...

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Pioneering Visual Artist ¡Nuevo!

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