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Francia :: Evangelical mission among the homeless in Paris
Francia :: Marcel, a worker in western France, has walked alongside victims of human trafficking for five years, during which time he has witnessed many disheartening situations: girls who have papers but cant find work; others who want to leave prostitution but dont have legal papers; and others who are bound by fear and refuse to file a complaint against those who hold them hostage. However, one girl recently took the courageous step to leave her life of prostitution for the freedom Christ offers.
Francia :: OM France has found that teaching French to immigrants is a good way to build relationships.
Francia :: DanceLink team in France, Summer 2013
Francia :: The Transit team that spent four weeks in France
Francia :: Simon Yeomans, OM France Field Leader, with his wife Sue.
Francia :: A long-haired teen is touched to the core by the joyful smile of a special needs child he’s been playing with.
Francia :: OM’s outreach among trafficked women.
Francia :: People at a concert during an outreach in the north of France.
Francia :: A French church in an area where there is only a few churches
Francia :: A DanceLink team performs in France in the summer 2013.
Francia :: Transform DanceLink team in France, summer 2013

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Never leave you, never forsake you

A worker shares the story of one girl who recently took the courageous step to leave her life of prostitution...

The gift of words and the Word

Several years ago OM France started teaching French to immigrants to meet a practical need, build relationships and share God’s...

See you in France!

Ashley, 19, serving with OM France, shares how God led her to OM and about the ministry she’s been involved...

An ‘Alliance of Hope’

A team member has a change of heart during the Transform 2013 outreach to prostitutes in Lyon.

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Recent Mission Opportunities

Long-term Worker Among Immigrants ¡Nuevo!

People from closed countries abound in Paris - where we have the freedom to tell them about Christ. Immigrant men...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 2-3 años
más información
Resourceful Communicator ¡Nuevo!

There's more to France than the Eiffel Tower, great cheeses and baguette! Our watchword is "Former pour transformer" (Transformation from...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 1-2 años
más información
Anti-trafficking Outreach Worker

Nantes is considered one of the most desirable cities to live in France, with its attractive architecture, modern transport system...

Fecha de inicio: septiembre 2014
· Compromiso: 2-3 años
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