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Galería de Misiones

Malta :: Scenery - Malta
Malta :: A shadow picture of Dirk Knies carrying the cross during the 2013 Easter Crosswalk for Christ on Malta
Malta :: Dirk Knies with friend Joseph, the first known evangelical believer on Malta
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: Welders Brad Rickman (Canada) and Jonathan Verwer (USA) work together in the Engine Room.
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: Heavy Fuel Oil Project Engineer Christof Bartholdi (Switzerland) in the engine control room.
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: The Engine Room team poses for the camera in front of the HFO machines.
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: Left to right Annika Grebe (USA), Ester Lugao (Brazil) and Amy Müller (USA) smile for the camera on the roof deck.
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: Logos Hope leaves Valletta.
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: Rex Quino (Philippines) gets ready for the tinikling dance in the backstage of the Hope Theatre.
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: Rex Quiňo (Philippines) gets ready for the tinikling dance in the backstage of the Hope Theatre.
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: Daniel Kauter (Australia) is modifying pipe flanges.
Malta :: Valletta, Malta :: Locals look at a dictionary in the Book Fair.

Recent Stories

The Maltese cross

Sharing God's good news with local people and foreigners on Malta gives the cross a whole new meaning.

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