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Galería de Misiones

Zambia :: “My favourite part [of what I do] is to hand out Polaroids to people. I have a Polaroid camera, and when I go into villages or remote areas, I like taking it with me, because there are people who probably never have had their photograph taken before. My favourite one was a 70 year-old woman who was so excited about having her picture taken, and she was laughing and laughing, holding her photo. She was so happy, because it was the first time she had seen herself like that.” - Rebecca from Canada, OM Africa
Zambia :: “For a long time Africa has been on the receiving end of the gospel. But now it is our turn to contribute to world missions, and there is so much potential in Africa to offer the world. We have a rich history. We have a lot of young people who want to go serve. So even if I dont go out there, I can help mobilise and train those who will.” - Melvin, OM Zambia
Zambia :: “Lots of people told me you can’t be a Christian and play soccer, that it is a sin to play soccer. So one day, I went and I said, ‘Show me sin in this ball. There is no sin in this ball; the sin is in the person, not in the ball.’” - Clement, OM Zambia
Zambia :: “In the village, God’s been teaching me a lot about community. I’ve learnt how to serve. I came here as a missionary and to be a leader, but then I learnt how to be a servant leader.” - Abbie, from Trinidad and Tobago, with OM Africa
Zambia :: Tabitha Initiative is a ministry of Tabitha Skills and Development that gives business training as well as small loans to vulnerable women in Kabwe, Zambia.
Zambia :: zambia boy
Zambia :: With the aid of crutches and leg splints provided by Bethesda Mercy Ministries, nine-year-old Yande walks across a field.
Zambia :: Lake Tanganyika, Zambia :: A jetty is being built to allow for a safe and secure place to tie up the vessel that the OM Lake Tanganyika team uses.
Zambia :: Makululu, Zambia :: Mike Ngwaru (Zimbabwe) shares the Gospel with children in OMs Mercy House in Zambia.
Zambia :: Hope on the Streets for Children provides training for 45 police officers in Kabwe, Zambia, focussing on handling traumatized children.
Zambia :: September 2014 OM Lake Tanganyika started a farm with two pigs, today they have over 80. Nelson is one of the men working at the farm.
Zambia :: September 2014 OM Lake Tanganyika started a farm with two pigs, today they have over 80.

Recent Stories

Hope on the streets for children

There is a belief that street kids are evil and cannot be helped. OM worker Christine Jones in Zambia believes...

Overcoming spiritual foes on the lake

OM Lake Tanganyika faces battles of faith vs. witchcraft.

Ega and the house

Ega and her family receive a new house through OM Lake Tanganyika.

Planting a church? Start with sports

Mwando village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika didn't have a church, but they did have an interest in sports.

Developing 'Tabithas'

OM Zambia develops women through skills training in sewing, cooking, embroidery and more to bring change to communities.

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Recent Mission Opportunities

Academic Administrative Secretary ¡Nuevo!

We are looking for an administrative secretary to provide administrative support for the teacher training team at the Teacher Training...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 1-2 años
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Accountant ¡Nuevo!

Accountant to form part of a dynamic finance team for the Zambian Office, that serves missions, discipleship training, schools and...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: el mayor tiempo posible
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English Instructor ¡Nuevo!

We are looking for a certified teacher to provide English/language instruction for the teacher training centre in Kabwe, Zambia.  This...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 1-2 años
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