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Galería de Misiones

Zambia :: Zambia
Zambia :: OM Lake Tanganyika helped build a new house for Ega and her mother.
Zambia :: Football is being used at Lake Tanganyika, Zambia, to reach out to young boys and make disciples.
Zambia :: Tabitha Skills Development in Kabwe, Zambia, is focused on empowering, restoring hope  equipping vulnerable and marginalized women through skills training.
Zambia :: Boys playing soccer near Lake Tanganyika
Zambia :: Sunday, one of the Honest Boys, with a soccer team created by the just one ball approach.
Zambia :: OM Zambia Field Leader Isaac Ngambi, (far left), presents Charles Malupande (second from left), a new bike for winning the 10km run
Zambia :: A boy sits on fishing nets in Kapembwa, a village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.
Zambia :: OMer Martin teaches at the Good News Preschool in Kapembwa, a village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.
Zambia :: People gather to play soccer in the afternoons at Love Africa Conference.
Zambia :: Abbie Corbie, from Trinidad and Tobago, with kids in Kapembwa village.
Zambia :: Boys relaxing on boat in fishing village along Lake Tanganyika.

Recent Stories

Ega and the house

Ega and her family receive a new house through OM Lake Tanganyika.

Planting a church? Start with sports

Mwando village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika didn't have a church, but they did have an interest in sports.

Developing 'Tabithas'

OM Zambia develops women through skills training in sewing, cooking, embroidery and more to bring change to communities.

Just one ball

It's more than just a sport. OM is using football at Lake Tanganyika to train and empower young boys.

Going the distance

OM Zambia participates in Run4TheWorld for the fourth year, offering 35-km and 65-km cycling routes, in addition to the 10-km...

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Recent Mission Opportunities

Videography Department Manager

Quality resources communicating the gospel and biblical principles are in short supply around Africa.
We are inviting you to help develop...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: el mayor tiempo posible
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Bethesda - a ministry of OM in Zambia amongst people with special needs - exists to bring hope, empowerment and...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 2 años
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Sports Coach

Zambians Love sport and soccer is a universal language.

If you have a backgrond in sports and a passion for...

Fecha de inicio: Lo antes posible
· Compromiso: 2-3 años
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