United to share God's love

Missions Conference 8-9 Aug, 2020

Join us with participants from around the world for our first digital missions conference. Come and listen to challenging messages from world class speakers and inspiring testimonies from missionaries in the field.

For many years this conference has been hosted in Zambia but due to restrictions with travelling we will be bringing the conference to you. Watch sessions on this website or on our Youtube channel. While being published on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of August the sermons and testimonies will remain available to watch and share with friends.

Want to involve the kids in your family or community?  We have a resource available called Mighty Rebuilders that you can download right now.
Mighty Rebuilders Resource


United to Share God's Love


You can either watch the conference directly on our website or on Youtube channel Love Africa Online

The sessions will be broadcasted at the times indicated in the GMT+2 timezone.

Do not worry about missing out if you are not able to connect at the designated time. All sermons and testimonies will be available to watch after a session is complete.

Sat, 8 Aug

Morning Session

Watch morning session

Introduction by Melvin Chiombe
Greeting by Lawrence Tong


Sermon: Melvin Chiombe

Spotlight - OM in Africa

Sermon: Katherine Porter

Testimony: Chanua ministry in South Africa

Signposts: Episode 1


Afternoon Session

Watch Afternoon Session

Sermon: Coen Scholtz

Spotlight - OM in Madagascar

Sermon: Mutito Kashimoto

Elshammah school in Angola
School on Lake Tanganyika

Signposts: Episode 2


Evening Session

Watch evening session

Sermon: George Verwer

Gladys at Lake Tanganyika
Self-sustaining groups

Sermon: Felix Muchimba

Masai in  Tanzania

Sermon: John Speirs

Sun, 9 Aug

Morning Session

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Sermon: Vance Pitman

North Africa
Peter Chila and disabled ministry

Sermon: Christopher Kasale

Testimony: Vapostori in Zimbabwe

Spotlight - Africa Trek

Signposts: Episode 3


Afternoon Session

Watch Afternoon session

Sermon: John Russel

Spotlight - Mekong Reach Initiative

Spotlight - Logos Hope

Sermon: Veronica Chiombe

Spotlight - Using your skils in missions

Signposts: Episode 4


Evening Session

Watch Evening session

Sermon: Boniface Shonga

Spotlight - God is still moving

Sermon: Lorrin Kasale

Testimony: Radio Lilanguka

Sermon: Peter Tarantal

Spotlight - Our Story

Closing by Melvin Chiombe