OM in Belgium is looking for an illustrator/animator to work in the world's leading nation for production of graphic novels and comic books. The role will involve working with writers and translators to produce online and print content which can be quickly seen by thousands of people and will open the doors to sharing the gospel in depth among those who have never encountered it before.


Fun fact. 70% of all the graphic novels published in the world are created in Belgium. This is the capital of the Bande Dessinée / Stripverhaal, and it has been since Jan van Eyck painted the Lamb of God on 12 panels in 1432. Equally fun, but less well-known, is that Belgians are completely open to the Gospel via graphic novels. The problem is, no one is producing them.

This is where you come in. You're an illustrator or writer/illustrator who wants to use their talents for the kingdom. Belgium is one of the world's most atheistic nations—seven out of ten say they believe there is no God—and it takes creativity or even genious to get inside people's minds and share something that makes sense to them.

Just so we're clear, we're not talking about old-fashioned stuff like ‘Bible stories in comic book form'. We're looking for cutting-edge, high-concept, contemporary storytelling that inspires the imagination.

Is this you? Could it be you? If you have a year or more to invest in doing what you love, as a front-line missionary, OM in Belgium has a role starting… well, round about now.

Graffiti, photography and video-animation skills are also a plus. If your first language is pictures, we want to hear from you.

Everyone who is new to OM and has not been part of a similar programme in another organisation will spend their first year as part of our Year Programme, which will include working in their chosen ministry. This includes Bible training, language learning, and introduction to missions life and many opportunities to develop new skills and talents.

EU-citizen due to visa requirements.
Health: Good physical health
Willingness to raise personal support

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
As long as possible
Full or part time
Full Time
Remote Working Possible
Evangelism, Arts, Music and Media, Communications, Artist, Least-Reached Peoples

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