In our team, we oversee Sound Lighting and video support for the public events and programs run on board and onshore as well as for the internal programs aboard MV Logos Hope. Additionally we are responsible for all deck 4 audio and video systems, and all meeting rooms’ audio and video systems.


What will be your tasks and responsibilities in this role?

• You are responsible for the AV side of events on board, community events, training services and general maintenance of equipment;

• You work closely with onboard events team coordinators, people development members and worship bands;

• You are the one who uses your knowledge and experience to help ship’s company as far as possible with any AV requests;

• You coordinate specific arrangements and design of lights, sound and video for events;

• You will need to have the basic understanding of how to operate all AV equipment and you will recieve further guidance and knowledge in this area;

• You will be performing in a team but you will need to be self motivated and able to teach yourself on a technical level in Lights, Video or Sound.


What are the requirements (skills/competences) for this role?

• You have experience with operating sound systems, light systems and video systems in live events (church, school programs etc.);

• You are willing to learn with the resources you are provided with and you will take iniative to further your understanding in one specific AV field;

• You have to be FAT: Flexible, Adaptable and Teachable;

• You are proactive to learn and also to teach others;

• You understand not only that the role demands good time management but also that it involves that you are able to work well on your own; 

• You will have a good relationship with your team and those involved in the event;

• You will look after the equipment and maintain a professional standard in your work.

Start date
August 2020
1-2 Years
Full Time
Arts, Music and Media, Ships, Technical and Practical Skills

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