Main Function: Should be able To promote and facilitate excellence in Tajikistan’s overall placement, management, training and care of personnel and the implementing of OM personnel policy and practice in the Tajik Field.


Line Manager: Field Leader

Primary Working relation:

Internationally : IPO and other APOs as well as Home Offices WACA Area Communication Facilitators

Key Result Area


To have all Tajik field members be well informed about the personnel policies and best practices of OM International and trained and resourced in their implementation

• Be aware of personnel policy and best practices.

• Monitor personnel standards on Tajik field, encouraging the field to implement the Code of Good Practice.

• Resource the Tajik field with all necessary documentation such as the WACA Personnel manual, appraisal forms, etc. Support new field/regional leaders in understanding the personnel function on the field/region and how their FPO and APO can support their leadership

• Become proficient with Petra and Caleb and able to access its resources and filing personnel data.


Be aware and acquainted with appropriate resources, training, mentoring and appraisal with respect to personnel management.

Performance standards

• Be aware of appropriate training opportunities and resources.

• Receive the necessary training and mutual assessment that will fulfill this role and be effective in the tasks.

• Maintain personal contact with the WACA and International FPOs through email, Skype and periodic meetings.

• Assist in the development and eventual implementation of crisis contingency plans.


To represent the needs and challenges of the Tajikistan field on the WACA and International Personnel Committee and bringing relevant issues for discussion into the International ground.

Performance Standards

• Be knowledgeable of the personnel challenges within the Tajikistan field in order to discuss these at the IPC and other international meetings.

• Promote the needs and challenges of the Field during these meetings and evaluate any proposed policies or procedures through a Field grid.

• Provide the Tajik Field Leadership team an opportunity to influence the agenda of the IPC in advance of meetings and communicating back to them IPC minutes, highlighting decisions and action points.


Provide accurate personnel statistics and maintaining an accurate field profile for Tajikistan to the rest of OM

Performance Standards

• Ensure that personnel statistics are reported as needed to the IPO and WACA FPO

• Informally monitor that Petra/Caleb reflect accurate information about the personnel from the Tajikistan field.


To set and supervise the work of the Tajikistan personnel assistants.

Performance Standards

• Write the PRD of any personnel assistant, agreeing on work hours, tasks and boundaries of authority£

• Supervise the work of such personnel assistants and giving an annual appraisal


To supervise and train in the fund raising for the personal support.

Performance Standards

• Develop skills and methods for fund raising actively.

• Assist to help Field members to develop their skills and manage their support level.

Start date
As soon as possible
2 Years
Part Time
Caring for people

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