Join OM and put your photography and coaching skills to use in the crucial role of Photography Coach.  You will oversee the training of OM photographers, provide feedback on their work, set the photography standards for the organisation, and make sure that each photographer knows how to use his or her skills according to the OM brand. You will lead our virtual photography network and help our photographers understand how their work impacts the movement.



•Maintain the network of photographers across the organisation.

•Provide training opportunities to photographers, helping them to understand what training is available to them either within or outside of OM.

•Coordinate and provide training for photographers when possible and necessary.

•Be the point of contact for all photographers in OM related to communications questions or inquiries.   

•Maintain the standards and guidelines of photography for the organisation, including ethical standards.

•Make sure that every OM photographer is aware of the standards and expectations

•Be available to OM photographers before content gathering trips to provide help to talk through shot lists, etc.   

•Provide feedback to photographers on style and content, based on feedback from resourcing offices or OM photography standards

•Approve photographs in OM’s intranet system for distribution to all of OM

•Utilise provided technological platforms for engaging with photographers, including (but not limited to) a Yammer discussion group, Caleb Resource Bank, WhatsApp, email. 

•Understand OM’s brand as it relates to visual storytelling

•Help photographers understand how best to operate according to the OM brand

•Meet with the Global Story Director for evaluation, even if only virtually

•Meet with the Global Story Team during any planned gatherings

•Participate in Global Story team calls 

•Touch base regularly with OM photographers

•Possibly travel 1-3 times a year for the purpose of training or connecting with OM photographers on content-gathering trips (when necessary and practical) 


• At least 5 years of photography experience preferable; management and/or leadership experience preferable; willingness to work virtually required

• OM staff secure their own funding by private donations.

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
2-3 Years
Full or part time
Part Time
Leaders and Managers, Technical and Practical Skills, Communications

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