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Missionary work

  1. R55635

    Area Finance Development Team Member - Africa Area

    We are looking for someone to join the OM Africa Financial Development team.  Do you have the skills to be a catalyst for generosity to see that happen? You will be a key part of the work. We are looking for someone who has the character to be self-motivated, trustworthy and who has a keen eye for opportunities. Your work will cover a number of fields across Africa as well as a wide-range of topics, from donor relations, compliance to business and cross-cultural teams.

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  2. R53202

    Africa Area IT Team Member

    Africa is awakening. Opportunities are plentiful, but specialised/skilled personnel are few.

    Here's an IT challenge – oversee a multinational, multi-lingual team in the area of IT. Bring your resourcefulness, flexibility and IT know-how, and experience a rich and totally unique culture as you share life and faith with the Africans.

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  3. R53376

    Africa Trek Ministry Leaders

    Do you have a passion for Discipling young people, Travel, Adventure, and seeing God move?

    Then the Africa Trek is for you!

    The Africa Trek is a hands on discipleship program that travels through Africa for 2 to 3 months at a time. 

    We are looking for a married couple to step into the leadership role for the Africa Trek.

    Africa Trek Ministry Leaders will be over the Africa Trek ministry as well as a team of Trek Leaders.

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  4. R68802

    Intensive mission training Coordinator

    We are looking for a coordinator for the intensive mission training in Chile. We are looking for a creative, passionate and committed person who would like to see Latinos being equipped to go to the least reached.

    We are looking for a Spanish speaker person or someone willing to learn, who can communicate in English as well and is exited  to disciple and mobilize the Chilean church.

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  5. R67253

    Church Planter

    OM in Belgium is looking for believers who want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least-reached, and are prepared to invest their lives to make it happen. With a year or more commitment, you will learn the local language naturally, through contact with native speakers, and help to establish a new fellowship where there was none previously.

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  6. R65585

    Sports Evangelist

    OM in Belgium is looking for a sports evangelist. Sports and fitness are by far the most important cultural activities, with ⅓ saying they play sports regularly, and 70% saying they regularly do fitness. The gym industry was booming up to Covid-19, and people are looking for ways to get back looking good and feeling fit. This role is for someone who can be a credible sports or fitness coach, or build relationships by joining a local team or club, possibly playing in ranking competitions.

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  7. R66618

    Online Evangelist

    OM in Belgium is looking for an online evangelist who is ready, able and willing to invest a year in reaching the least reached right where they are: in front of their smartphones, tablets and computers. No qualifications required—except that you love Jesus, you love people, and you LOVE social media.

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  8. R67253

    Head of Creative Outreach

    The Head of Creative Outreach recruits, develops and leads a team of content creators who will work online, face to face and through street and venue events to share the love of Jesus with people who have never encountered it.

    The team will be made up of artists, musicians, dancers, sports people, writers, directors, producers and others from the creative industries willing to invest a year or more for God's kingdom. Spiritual maturity and an openness to all ideas are key to this role.

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  9. R62606

    Children’s Ministry Intern

    Do you have a passion to serve children in full time missions?  Would you like to go to an area where people have not heard the gospel yet, but do you feel unprepared and unequipped?  Then this opportunity is for you.

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  10. R64390

    Children’s Ministry Training Coordinator

    About 50% of the population in Africa is under the age of 15.  If we want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers, we will need to include children in our strategy.
    As children's ministry team of Africa Area, we
    help fields to align with the vision while including children. We also equip and resource the ministries so that they can do their ministry more effectively.

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