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OM has hundreds of opportunities for all kinds of people interested in mission service. Whether you are a student looking for a year out, a professional wanting to use your skills in mission, or if you are considering becoming a career missionary, you can find many possibilities to serve God in OM!

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Christ’s light in the red light district

An outreach team visits Geylang with the intention of loving others like Jesus does.

  • Hope in tough reality

    Nertila met Jesus when she was a child through an OM outreach. Now 18, she is isolated from education and Christian community.

  • Spreading the gospel

    Siniore desires for her family and friends to know Christ’s love as she does. After an OM training, she takes what she learnt and puts it into practice.

  • The threshold of a new step

    OM's new field leader in Hungary shares his journey in missions and his heart for establishing vibrant communities of Jesus followers.

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OMer Samar’s* passion for reaching out to Muslims stems from his background: he was once one of them.

“I was born in a Muslim family. My father was a big sheikh. He’s written books about Islam,” said Samar.

When Samar was still young, his father passed away. Samar was sent to an Islamic school to learn the Qur'an with the intention of one day replacing his father as a leader. Samar said that aside from the paying students, the school took in orphans and children from the streets for free with the purpose of giving them an islamic education. Samar did well in school and excelled in memorisation. At the age of 16, he won a competition for Qur'an memorisation, becoming the best in southern Africa. 

After his school had a fire the students were sent home while repairs were made. Living with his grandpa, Samar realised things could be different from how he was being taught. 

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What Does OM Do?

Our worldwide ministries in over 100 countries and onboard our ship Logos Hope are involved in:


“Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.” PSALM 96:3