Grow in faith, expand your horizons, further the Kingdom of God in Belgium 


Year program is a 12-month opportunity that consists of daily Bible study sessions, cultural experiences, fellowship, and ministry time according to personal gifts. 

Our Bible study sessions are designed for you to have a better comprehension of Scripture and to dive in it through self-study, book reading, group discussions, and teachings. You will be able to pour from the overflow of your Bible study into working to reach the unreached in Belgium through an existing ministry in our team. We will assign you to a team according to personal talents; it might be that you do what you’re used to doing, but we encourage you to also be open to broaden your horizons and join an unexpected team! You should also be ready to see and experience Belgium and its culture. Trips and outings are a part of this program, as well as learning one of the three official languages in Belgium so you can connect with locals and hopefully share the Good News with them! 

This program is open for men and women ages 18-30. On the one hand it can be a great gap year and on the other hand, it could be a good start and foundation to prepare well for long time missions. 


Team A starts: January/February after Go-Conference
Team B starts: August/September after Go-Conference


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