1. R46351

    Field Personnel Officer - Africa Area

    The work in Africa is expanding at a rapid rate. In order to keep up with the growth, we are looking for someone to assist our Area Personnel Officer - a Field Personnel Officer. This role will involve working with people from many different cultures, and being in the middle of what God is doing in Africa!

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  2. R55189

    Africa Trek Leaders

    The Africa Trek practices discipleship on the move. The Trek travels through Africa for 3 months at a time.  As an Africa Trek leader, you have the privilege of journeying on a number of Treks for approximately six months per year, serving missionaries and churches, while discipling Trek participants.

    Africa Trek leaders are required to have participated in an Africa Trek themselves and must be willing to live in community 24/7 for 3 months at a time, modeling total transparency themselves.

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  3. R46355

    The Caravan

    Did you know the Bible was written from a Middle Eastern perspective? What would happen if we started sharing the Gospel from that perspective? The Good News is bigger than we think! Come and find out how much bigger. Join us for 11 months as you live, interact, and grow in a community that is focused on learning how to share Jesus from a Middle Eastern world view. Come join the Journey!

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  4. R55472

    Church Planting Ministry in the Middle East (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq)

    Join a unique time in the planting of God’s church in the Middle East.  God is birthing something new among Muslims, and thousands are coming to know Christ!  We want you to come and be a part of it.

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  5. R46351

    People Care Provider

    How are you with your people skills? If you love people and are passionate to care for missionaries in a cross-cultural setting then we would like to challenge you to join our team. We are on a lookout for an individual who will be willing to genuinely care for people in their walk on the mission field.

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  6. R49893

    Donor Relationship Coordinator(Panamá)

    We know the importance of our sponsors to accomplish the missionary projects that we have. Keeping a good communication and healthy relationships become vital.

    Do you like to keep in touch with people and to create new relationships? This can be your opportunity to serve God with your skills.

    We are looking for a person who like to establish relationship for develop/maintain partnerships with a diverse donor base, linking our projects and activities to a stable and growing number of donor

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  7. R38763

    Arts Teacher (Panamá)

    World need a new way to share the gospel, to express God´s love and glorify Him through the great variety of talents that He has given to His children.

    Do you have a passion for arts and teaching? if you want to transform the new generations through your skills in drama, mime, dance, choreography, drawing and&or painting. This is the ministry for you.

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  8. Medical Professionals

    The harvest is ready but the workers are few. This is certainly true in the Arabian Peninsula, the heart of Islam. We are looking for people who are called to focus on planting churches among the indigenous people groups in the AP, using their professional medical skills to transform communities.

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  9. Study in the Gulf of Arabia

    This option is for anyone interested in studying in the Arabian Gulf.

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