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Ministry opportunities in Belgium

OM's presence in Belgium began in the early 1960's, when OM’s ministry in Europe was growing rapidly.  In 1964 OM bought an old paper factory just outside of Brussels, which served as a financial and transportation hub for short-term mission trips.  Thousands of young Christians were sent across the entire continent, using a fleet of over 200 vehicles.

Through this initiation, OM started home offices in many other countries, and finances and transportation gradually de-centralized. Adapting its ministry to changing circumstances, OM Belgium developed the paper factory into ZavCentre - a hospitality and conference centre - and started focusing on evangelism and church planting.

Today, OM Belgium continues to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the heart of Europe. The team is committed to providing opportunities for Belgian Christians to serve in their own country or in other parts of the world. All ministry activities are guided by OM Belgium's purpose statement: “Helping local churches reach their purpose in Belgium and abroad.”

  • ZavCentre: An international retreat and conference centre
    ZavCentre’s hospitality team serves the local church and mission organizations by hosting training events, conferences and prayer retreats. Mission workers from around the world make use of this facility conveniently located within 5 minutes of the Brussels International Airport.
  • Outreach Team: Discipleship
    OM Belgium’s Outreach Team lives to win hearts to Jesus Christ and develop all to follow His call. This happens in various ways:

    • Local Church Partnerships: Each Outreach Team member is involved with a local church or ministry to champion and encourage the ongoing work, and to come alongside new missional initiatives.
    • Arts: Belgians are a creative people. OM Belgium Artists seek to ignite the Belgian imagination to build bridges back to the Creator. Arts are often used to prepare the way for church planting.
    • Church Planting: OM Belgium works with local initiatives to plant indigenous, self-replicating churches with the hope of seeing a church planting movement begin.
    • Social Justice: OM Belgium works with local partners to serve immigrants and those seeking asylum in Belgium, and to serve the homeless and other marginalized peoples in this land.

How can you get involved:

  • PRAY
    • Pray for unity of believers in Belgium
    • Pray for revival in Belgian churches
    • Pray for locals planting local churches
    • Pray for the Belgian church to reach out in Belgium and worldwide
  • GIVE

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Please join us in helping the local churches reach their purpose in Belgium and abroad.

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More information about Belgium

  • Population: 11 million people
  • Official language: Dutch (59%), French (40%) and German (1%)
  • State of economy: Member of the European Union, Capital city of EU is Brussels
  • Interesting facts:
    • Belgium has been without a government for 535 days in the past
    • "French fries"  are actually from Belgium
    • There are three official languages in Belgium: Dutch, French, German
  • Religious make-up: 58% Roman Catholic Church, 20% Agnostic, 7% Atheist,  7% > Other Christianity, 5% Islam, 2% Other Religion, 2% Non-Responding
  • State of the church: Once a traditional Catholic country, 21st century Belgium has lost most of its Christian values. Statistics cannot explain the spiritual need. There is a tiny evangelical church, ranging between 0.7 and 1% of the population of 11 million. The majority of Belgians are unaware of the Gospel.

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