Bulgarian outreach impacts young lives

In countries where everything is built on relationship, continuity is key and has some great benefits. This year in Bulgaria at the sports and English camp, the team noticed the fruit of that.

Some years ago, the OM team decided to support a rural church by bringing a team of people during the summer to work with them to reach out to children and youth in their community. Because it has become a yearly event, not only do the church children look forward to the week together, but also a number from the local community both Bulgarian and Romani.

The day camp was designed for kids from ages 6-14, but the team also sees 17-19 year-olds each day as well. Some years ago the team began building relationships with them, when they themselves were between 6-14 years.

Continuity builds relationships and opens doors. One of the biggest encouragements to the team was being able to have one of the girls that was in the church youth when they first came, translate for them during the camp.

The team is grateful when they look back on the years together and see all that God has done during each camp: the people He has bought that have influenced this young woman and others’ lives, the practise of speaking English and how it has enhanced her ability. But most of all, the team was inspired by the beautiful way this camp has shaped her life.

Team members have also loved seeing the people that have come to build relationships with these people and to see the beautiful country. They are encouraged by the faithfulness of those in the church, their love and perseverance over the years.

The team believes it is through continuity that a big picture is formed and changes are so much easier to identify. They can only imagine the broader picture God has because He is the Alpha and Omega and has seen it all!

Please pray for the continued effect of this camp on the lives of the children and youth that have been able to participate.