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About The Caissie Family:

Hey, We are the Caissie family. 
Mitchell (Canadian), Caylee (South African), and our son Ezra (AfriCanadian).

We are currently serving with OM South Africa at the Reach Base in Pretoria as the Connextions coordinators. Basically, our full-time work is spent on helping new missionaries get to where God has called them as easily as possible through networking with local African and international ministries around the world. 

Caylee and I have a real calling to share the gospel with people who have little to no access to hearing about Jesus. In the next 3-5 years, We plan to transition from our Home in South Africa to a different global field, where we can make this calling more of our Daily focus and goal. 

We are blessed that you want to join our team and hold our hands as we hold the hands of the least reached around the world, and we just want to say thank you to all of those that spend precious time praying for us and supporting us in our mission and calling. 

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God Bless. 
~Mitchell, Caylee and Ezra

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