“A ship is safe in the harbour, but that is not what ships are made for.”

The Logos Hope crew finds itself in a harbour, waiting to continue its voyage of sharing God’s love through knowledge, help and hope. Our schedule has been impacted by restrictions in several countries we had hoped to visit. Our priority remains to support all necessary measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus on our vessel. 

After discussion with mission partners, national churches and leaders, Logos Hope’s planned visit to Europe will not go ahead at this time.

The situation is constantly developing, and we appreciate your partnership and prayer as we seek future direction for ministry opportunities in the months ahead. In these changing times, our trust is in our unchanging God. A scenario planning group meets regularly to formulate recommendations for the next 3, 6 and 12 months. We are now halfway through a three-month focus on training and equipping our crew.

Time to Try New Things

While the Logos Hope is closed to the public, a new timetable of cross-departmental teams offers crew more work experience in catering, marine operations, training, and special projects. People serve for two-week phases until rotating again to try other activities.

Juan Velez (Colombia), from the audiovisual team, is learning discipline by working in marine operations: “Some of the work isn’t fun, but I’m surrounded by the right community and that makes it enjoyable and keeps my attitude positive,” he reflects.

The cross-department work has helped maximize the manpower available to tackle large projects and has boosted creativity and reinforced the servant-hearted nature of volunteering with OM Ships. Some crew noted that they would like more cross-department opportunities even when regular work patterns resume; it has been a great way to get to know other crew better and develop new skills.

Perspective is Crucial

Never in its fifty years of operation has OM’s ship ministry been without controversy, severe testing or barriers to overcome. However, neither has the ministry lacked vision, passion and a readiness to do whatever it takes to see the gospel go into all the world as the ships, together with local Jesus followers around the globe, both proclaimed and demonstrated the love and power of God—often in places where Christ was largely unknown.

The unknowns, the possibilities, the ‘new normal’ in our post-endemic world may surprise and challenge us but not God. Thus the short-term realities we face must be understood in the context of the bigger picture, the longer-term, eternity: God has got this under his control and calls us to press on in faith together.

“We thank you for standing and kneeling with us in your support and prayer.”

God continues to work amidst these uncertain times.

We are truly grateful for partners like you for your generous support as the ship's ministry navigates through these uncertain times.


We believe prayer is vital.

Will you join with us as we pray for Canada and the Nations for God's guidance and wisdom?

pray with us