Mentoring & Discipleship

Mentoring includes training and the transfer of skills and knowledge, but it’s so much more. It’s a witness to an open life worthy of imitation—perhaps an older, experienced person ‘holding the ladder’ for a younger colleague.

It may be someone with a particular gifting patiently helping others to believe that they can attempt and succeed at something new.

In OM, we esteem all backgrounds and cultures because we know we can learn from each other. Mentoring in OM isn’t just a trendy word; it’s hands-on, side-by-side, walking in faith to see each other develop and grow as God has gifted us. It’s walk, not talk.

The typical limitations of too few church leaders serving too many young believers means there’s an acute need for mentors in every OM ministry. We want mentors who are also students:

humble…patient…encouraging…believing…ready to open their Bibles and their lives.

We want people whose love for the people they serve is more widely known than their expertise. Most of all, we want godly mentors who will coach and develop more mentors who see it not as a ministry, but as the best way of life.

Come and teach us. Come and learn from us.


Immersion Programme (Ireland)


Missions Discipleship Training (South Africa)


One Year in the Middle East (Internship)


Transit Challenge (Croatia & Montenegro)


Men's Travelling Team (Middle East & North Africa)


  • Animator - Africa Area

    Quality resources communicating the gospel and biblical principles are in short supply around Africa. Become part of a team that addresses these needs with your animation skills.

  • Entry-level/Experienced Graphic Designer – EurAsia Support Team (OM EAST), Austria

    Have you considered using your skills in graphic design to create high quality print and digital media for people groups who have few Christian resources in their language?

  • Technical Coordinator for Hearing Impaired Projects (S)

    • Equipping and supporting disability projects by helping to identify and incorporate best practices in empowering hearing impaired individuals, their families, communities and educational systems.
    • Support ongoing development of Afghan
  • Youth Worker

    Do you like hanging out and building relationships with young people? Come to Stari Bar, Montenegro to work with teens in a Muslim community by using different creative and captivating ideas (music, games, arts).