How can you help share God’s love during the COVID-19 crisis? Only God knows when this pandemic will end. But it is important to note that OM workers are still ‘on the ground’, embedded in communities and seeking to bring hope and help in over 100 countries today.

Committed to showing God’s love

The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated a wave of fear and worry around the world. In response, our OM workers continue to point their communities toward God, the one true refuge from the storm.

Jane is an OM worker serving an area of the Middle East that was previously untouched by the gospel. Geographically removed from cities and churches, the cluster of close-knit villages had strong misconceptions about Christianity. Through her work over the years, Jane has poured love and care into the villages, building trusted relationships with families. 

Now with government restrictions in place due to COVID-19, Jane calls village members to give them words of hope and peace. When they share difficult situations, she prays for them. Jane is committed to showing God’s love to this community as they continue discovering the true nature of who Jesus is and what His followers believe. 

God is using Jane to  make a Kingdom difference!

Unwavering in their commitment to ministry, many of our OM workers are also suffering financially. All OM workers must trust God to provide their living and ministry expenses but, for most in Africa, Asia and Latin America, their sending churches cannot do so. Yet because these workers are so critical to our mission, we need to subsidize their income to feed their families and concentrate on outreach. The pandemic has weakened most currencies in these areas and further eroded our ability to recruit and train nationals.

God continues to work amidst these uncertain times.

Can you provide emergency support to help keep these vital ministries going through the COVID-19 crisis?


We believe prayer is vital.

Will you join with us as we pray for Canada and the Nations for God's guidance and wisdom?

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