OM Challenge - One Week Summer Outreach Programs

The OM Canadian Challenges are our response to the massive influx of immigrants, particularly Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, and to the pervasive secular humanism in our society. We see these as great opportunities to provide a cross-cultural training experience in the heart of our urban areas.

Canadian Challenges are one-week programs that train believers in sharing their faith clearly, confidently and cross-culturally. We begin with two practical tools—the ‘Evangecube’ and ‘Five Great Truths of the Bible’ (Bridge to Life) illustration—which equip people to speak with anyone.

Each day is balanced with classroom learning on a world religion (e.g. Islam) in the morning, a visit to a religious site (e.g. mosque) in the afternoon, and neighbourhood visitation (preferably in multicultural areas) in the evening. We learn by doing—the OM way of serving and growing. Our goal is to love internationals (and everyone else) into God’s Kingdom by learning (about their worldviews), listening (to them, often using a survey), serving (perhaps cleaning up their neighbourhood) and sharing the Good News of salvation in Jesus and how He has changed our lives. We challenge team members to make evangelism their lifestyle.

Launched in 2004, the Canadian Challenge has grown to 15 cities nationwide with over 1300 believers trained in 67 programs. In 2017, we will see 9 Challenges across the country. We challenge Canadian believers to move out of their comfort zones and become a missionary for a week, without a passport or possibly even a ticket. Are you up for the Challenge?

For application and more information
please contact 

Rob Weatherby 

Phone: +1 705 866 0847

PDF icon challenges_application_form.pdf

Date City Information
30 April - 6 May Hamilton PDF icon hamilton_2017.pdf
3 June - 9 June Sudbury PDF icon sudbury_2017.pdf
3 June - 9 June Halifax PDF icon halifax_2017.pdf
6 July - 16 July Edmonton PDF icon edmonton_2017.pdf
8 July - 14 July Toronto PDF icon toronto_2017.pdf
22 July - 29 July Vancouver PDF icon vancouver_2017.pdf
30 July - 5 August Niagara PDF icon niagara_2017.pdf
6 August - 13 August Brantford PDF icon brantford_2017.pdf
11 August - 18 August Saskatoon PDF icon saskatoon_2017.pdf