Relief Needed

As relief ministries are a core component in OM’s work; proclamation of the gospel must be in word and in deed, and relief for victims of natural and human disasters—immediate responses that literally save lives must then be transformed into rebuilding those lives and their communities. Truly needy people usually live in extremely crowded and unhealthy environments distanced from medical care, making this pandemic even more lethal. Here is one example of what can be done:

We want to learn, but we need to eat

Maryam teaches primary school classes for undocumented migrant and refugee children in Sg Udang, Malaysia. Many of these children have no education and are functionally illiterate. Maryam’s team train these children in physical, mental and spiritual skills so they can avoid becoming homeless or trafficked.

The pandemic has made life for these children and their families even more difficult. Forced into isolation, many parents have lost their jobs and are struggling to buy basic necessities. Maryam’s team have distributed 120 packed meals and 31 bundles of raw food to 29 families, (nearly half are undocumented and thus have no rights or access to help). But with the likelihood of social isolation being extended, the team cannot just send them away for months. Said one family, “Apart from our teacher, we don’t have anyone else who is willing to help.”

Would you consider a monthly or one-time gift to enable relief ministries like Maryam’s to continue this testimony?

“We cannot do everything, but we must do something."

God continues to work amidst these uncertain times.

We are truly grateful for partners like you for your generous support as relief ministries navigate through these uncertain times.


We believe prayer is vital.

Please continue to pray for those suffering and lost, that God will raise up Jesus followers to show His love toward them and that God will be glorified through this.

pray with us