Somalia - restoring dignity & equipping with hope

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With no proper government for 25 years, Somalia has been torn apart by civil war and natural disasters. Many, mostly women and children, have fled to neighbouring countries. Severe and widespread drought brings much misery in refugee camps and great needs for food, water, shelter, medicine, etc. remain. Those who suffer not only lose their health but also their dignity. Rehabilitation will be a long process, but the enormity of the catastrophe should not stop us. Somali believers have networks in these locations to facilitate the delivery of basic help into these camps. We are partnering with SomaliHope, a Swedish-based Somali NGO to see long-term transformation amidst Somali communities on the Horn of Africa and beyond. Our aim is to give help and hope to at least 1000 refugees this year through immediate physical aid while also nurturing faith in Christ and the work of the Kingdom of God through empowerment, media outreach and gathering believers and seekers.

9 key opportunities to love with action in Jesus´name

1. Provide Food and Clothes

These will be given out by local believers to improve the health and wellbeing of recipients and implant hope. Depending on the situation, refugees will be followed up by SomaliHope workers, leading to community development in the settlement regions.

2. Promotion of peace

Teaching on the importance of peace in our personal lives, families and other relationships, as the Somali culture and tradition of reconciliation is missing in this torn society.

3. Community Gatherings

There will be a place for Somali believers to gather regularly to share, pray and worship together. Transportation and a meeting place will be provided.

4. Partnership development

We work to establish long-term partnerships (internal and external to OM) to support the growth of the Kingdom of God amongst Somalis.

5. audio and video production

USB sticks with music and films will be given to Somali refugees in the camps.

6. WiFi transmitter

Simple WiFi devices provide local area WiFi transmission of gospel and Somali Christian material can be placed in densely populated Somali areas. When the WiFi signal is used, material is downloaded.

7. Tailoring school

Within the temporary community center, a tailoring school will be set up for at risk and disadvantaged Somali women who lack the ability to earn income.

8. Business setup

Somali believers have many business ideas and - with capital, business advice and encouragement - they are well able to earn money to support themselves. A small initial investment will allow us to investigate business ideas and seek appropriate investors.

9. Emergency rescue

Occasionally, emergencies arise when the life of a Somali believer is endangered. Somali Christian leaders can verify the danger and organize for appropriate secret evacuation. This fund enables the leaders to respond immediately.