Therefore pray

Compassion and prayer go hand-in-hand. It’s unsettling and disheartening to see the never-ending needs in an ever-changing world – and we are commanded to pray. Simply pray.

We are excited that we have put together a 26-week prayer guide to unite us in praying together. Each week we will outline a ministry/project we are involved with, and hope you would take a few minutes each week to pray as you read specifically for these ministries.

Click here if you are interested in a hard copy of this 26-week prayer guide. 

  • Pray for Thailand/Myanmar

    OM Mercy Teams International’s primary school in the Japanese Well Village presently provides education with an emphasis on the Christian faith for over 150 children.

  • Pray for Kosovo

    We have celebrated 20 years of the Iron Curtain falling and the movement toward human rights and freedom of religion in the Balkans which includes Kosovo.

  • Pray for Global South Initiative

    The term “Global South” is used (by the UN, for instance) to refer to the countries that used to be called “Developing Nations”.

  • Pray for Rohingya

    The Rohingya people are a displaced people group living in the northern Rakhine province of Myanmar (Burma).

  • Pray for Malawi

    Malawi boasts of the highest percentage of Muslims in southern Africa especially within the Yao people. The Yao naturally embraced Islam and  to be born a Yao is to be born a Muslim.

  • Pray for Turkey

    Our Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) seeks to bring the gospel to all the people of Turkey, and to use broad sowing to help churches and church planters find seekers near them.

  • Pray for Sri Lanka

    A brutal civil war lasting 26 years tore apart the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka that lies across the southern tip of India.

  • Pray for Yemen

    Our teams and individuals have been praying for and serving among the people of Yemen, seeking to introduce people to Jesus Christ and serve both local and migrant populations.