Therefore pray

Compassion and prayer go hand-in-hand. It’s unsettling and disheartening to see the never-ending needs in an ever-changing world – and we are commanded to pray. Simply pray.

We are excited that we have put together a 26-week prayer guide to unite us in praying together. Each week we will outline a ministry/project we are involved with, and hope you would take a few minutes each week to pray as you read specifically for these ministries.

Click here if you are interested in a hard copy of this 26-week prayer guide. 

  • Pray for Iraq

    Most areas of Iraq have no churches. The Cross-Cultural Church Planting School was created to send Arabic-speaking church planters to the least reached areas of Iraq.

  • Pray for Ghana

    In Ghana our child trafficking prevention project is taking place among the rural poor. We have a great passion to secure a brighter future for children.

  • Pray for Laos

    Followers of Christ are persecuted in Laos. But we simply follow in the footsteps of Christ by spreading the good news and making disciples.

  • Pray for Greece

    Over 60,000 refugees are currently in camps around Athens. We serve in and outside Athens to help meet some basic needs and build relationships.

  • Pray for Pakistan

    In Pakistan millions of people can, through the gospel, be transformed physically and spiritually as the church embraces the opportunity to reach the majority community.

  • Pray for Somalia

    Somalia has been torn apart by a civil war and numerous natural disasters. Our aim is to give hope through physical aid and micro-enterprise development.