Therefore pray

Compassion and prayer go hand-in-hand. It’s unsettling and disheartening to see the never-ending needs in an ever-changing world – and we are commanded to pray. Simply pray.

We are excited that we have put together a 26-week prayer guide to unite us in praying together. Each week we will outline a ministry/project we are involved with, and hope you would take a few minutes each week to pray as you read specifically for these ministries.

Click here if you are interested in a hard copy of this 26-week prayer guide. 

  • Pray for Bangladesh

    Over half of the population of Bangladesh are living below the poverty line. On the delta and floodplains of two major rivers, it is a land with frequent catastrophic flooding.

  • Pray for Madagascar

    Our goal in Madagascar is to train up Malagasy nationals to take the gospel to the many remote villages along the island that  are still considered unreached.

  • Pray for Syria

    Years of war have brought devastation to the people of Syria. More than 5 million have fled the country and half of all Syrians no longer live in their own homes.

  • Pray for Ukraine

    Life as a follower of Christ has never been more of a battlefield, especially for those serving within the conflict zone of eastern Ukraine: the forgotten war.

  • Pray for Zambia

    Women in Zambia are often unable to generate any form of income. We want to empower them to be women who fear the Lord, mothers who can provide for their children.

  • Pray for the Himalayas

    The Himalayas remain one of the most least-reached region in the world. There are still significant parts of the population that have never heard the name of Jesus.

  • Pray for Cambodia

    While Cambodia is emerging from decades of human calamity, many children and women continue to be sexually and physically assaulted, as well as trafficked.

  • Pray for Afrin

    Locals of the Kurdish region of Afrin in Syria were forced to flee the city and find shelter in surrounding regions. Tens of thousands of Kurds have lost everything.

  • Pray for Serbia

    Our ministry in the refugee camp near Šid, Serbia is to serve tea to the refugees in a tent that also is the only common room they have in the camp.