The Himalayas remain one of the most least-reached region in the world. The majority Hindu population continues to worship man-made idols made of stone or wood. The minority Buddhist population lives in constant fear of evil spirits and bad curses. There are still significant parts of the population that have never heard the name of Jesus.


While there is a growing church, this exists primarily in cities and major townships. Church members generally remain immature in faith, not having the opportunity for solid discipleship.

OM’s Response

We have a passion to see all people have the opportunity to hear the gospel at least once in a way that they understand. Working to disciple local people, we are confident that there will be lasting sustainable impact as it is outside of our organization and its support structure.

How you can pray

  • For new believers to be well discipled in their faith, and share it with those they know.
  • That each would be able to be a part of a fellowship, and that they would be salt and light where God has placed them.
  • That each fellowship / church, would have a missional DNA.


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