The big island of Madagascar can be found just off the coast of eastern Africa. It is a country with a French heritage, but an un­stable political climate. While Madagascar’s political situation does play a part in the country’s weak economy, frequent natural disasters—like floods and cyclones—are another big contributor.


About 50% of the population claim to belong to some denomination of Christianity, but it’s estimated that only about 10% truly know Jesus. As is common in other parts of Africa, traditional practices like ancestor worship are often mixed with Christianity.

OM’s Response

Our goal in Madagascar is to train up Malagasy nationals to take the gospel to the many remote villages along the island that that are still considered unreached. We want to see the church become mobilized and equipped for the task of reaching the least-reached in Madagascar. We want to see the church shift from not only being a mission field to becoming part of God’s plan to reach the nations. The model they’ve adopted for spreading the gospel is: identify the village, pray for the village, and go and evangelize in the village.

How you can pray

  • For the over 800 villages in the Androy region that have not heard the gospel.
  • That families are restored and individuals empowered.
  • To establish, equip and help grow and develop local churches and the entire communities, especially in remote and unreached villages.


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