Somalia has not had a proper government in the past 25 years. During this time, the nation has been torn apart by a devastating civil war and numerous natural disasters. Many have fled to neighbouring countries and do not live in the refugee camps, the majority being women and children.


With the immediate drought situation bringing much misery in many of these camps, there still remains great need for food, water, shelter and medicine. The people are suffering, experiencing not only a decline in health but a loss of dignity, indicating the road for rehabilitation might be long and arduous.

OM’s Response

We are partnering with SomaliHope, a Swedish based NGO, to see long term transformation among Somali communities on the Horn of Africa and beyond. Our aim is to give hope and help to Somalis through immediate physical aid and micro-enterprise development. We want to nurture faith in Christ through media efforts and Somali gatherings.

How you can pray

  • To help refugees to receive sufficient nourishment and clothing to restore their health and dignity.
  • To strengthen Somali believers engaging in the Kingdom of God.
  • To empower women to take care of their families by helping with basic sanitation, food needs, and skills training.


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