Therefore pray – Thailand / Myanmar

The border crossing from West Thailand into Myanmar is called Three Pagoda Pass. The neighbouring Japanese Well Village which is governed by the Mon authorities, comprises an estimated 500 households, mostly from the Mon and Karen tribes that fled from the Burmese army in the past. There is a strong Buddhist influence in Japanese Well Village, and majority of the population follow and respect the Buddhist teachings.


Poverty is a concern in the Japanese Well Village community. There is very little opportunity for the people to earn an income. Most are daily wage workers hoping to be connected with a job from day to day. Some travel (sometimes illegally trafficked) to Thailand in search of work

OM’s Response

OM Mercy Teams International’s primary school in the Japanese Well Village presently provides education with an emphasis on the Christian faith for over 150 children. Our aim of this project is to provide quality education, healthcare and Christian discipleship to members of the community, ultimately equipping them with skills to earn an income and break out of the poverty cycle.

How you can pray

  • That students will receive basic education and be better able to read, write and calculate when leaving school.
  • That students will show evidence of a real and deepening relationship with Jesus.
  • That there will be less recurrence of common illnesses.


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