God’s light shines in the darkness of the sex trade – in Czech Republic

The OM team in Czech Republic, as vibrant Jesus followers, are committed to visiting and befriending women who have been trafficked into the sex trade, in order to pray with them and show them that God cares for each one, irrespective of their situation.

Recently, two team members visited a brothel where they expected to meet some of the women they had encountered on their first visit. However, none of these were there; instead they met a completely different group of working women.  As they talked to each one, interestingly, all except one said they believed in God, were from church backgrounds, and were very open to talking about Him. This was an unusual experience as the team often meets many atheists. “It was the first time that I have met only one woman who is an atheist during outreach, in six and a half years of going out to women working in the sex trade!” said one team member.

The self-professed atheist woman was Slovakian and had lost both of her parents at a very young age. Growing up with a godfather she described as ‘not good’, had made life very difficult. Later, in London, while working in the sex industry, she had learnt English, which made it easier for the two team members to communicate with her that evening. They also listened as she told them how her previous boyfriend had died the year before, on Valentine's day, and how difficult this had been for her.

Other woman did profess belief in God, and some attended church. However as one said: “I go there for excursion and prayer; there are many beautiful churches here”, the team wondered whether her interest was more about sightseeing the church buildings, as although she called herself Orthodox she was happy to visit any church. When younger, she would have loved to study tourism and photography, but her visa-related issues had stopped her following her dream and had led her into the sex industry.  She, and many of the women asked for prayer, which the team was more than happy to do.

The team also met a lovely Nigerian woman where belief in God had not stopped her from believing that a promise she had made to the woman who brought her to Europe, could not be broken. This had made it easy for her to have been trafficked, as she could not find other
practical steps to pay back the money. “Although we directly offered her practical help, she told us the only help we could give her was to pray,” said one of the team members, sadly. “She seemed very broken, and angry, as well as fearful,” reflected the team member, wistfully.

The following week, the team held a FREEDOM Arts & Crafts evening to which 18 people came to do needle felting and make tea coasters as gifts for the women in brothels.  “We look forward to giving these out to the women as a token of our friendship and a small expression of God’s love for them,” they said afterwards.  Small acts of love expressing the much greater reality: that God cares for each one.

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