New hope for schoolchildren

A team from Logos Hope travelled to a rural community called Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) to join an outreach to 160 children who attend a school that is currently under construction.

The children, ranging in age from four to 13 years old, have a strong desire to learn, despite challenging circumstances. The team found out that for five years they have not had a permanent place to hold their classes and have carried their desks on their shoulders every morning from their homes to different locations around their neighbourhood.

"Every day, I brought my chair and my table back to my house because we did not have any place to store them," explained a 13-year-old boy named Nelson. "But I did it because I like to learn maths, and when I grow up I want to be an accountant to help my family,” he said.

Classes are now held in a temporary building made of bamboo and tree trunks. It was built two months ago and the schoolteachers hope it may serve for two years. As the crewmembers entered a makeshift classroom, the children could not contain their excitement and joy; and rushed to embrace their visitors.

The international volunteers were excited to share some of their culture and talk about life on board Logos Hope with the children. When it was Lana Serebrennikova’s (Russian Federation) turn to introduce herself, she found a common interest with the kids. “This year we're going to host the World Cup!” she said. “Who wants to go?” All the children raised their hands enthusiastically.

The children laughed as the crew put on a short drama. Karla Guzman (Mexico) showed them pictures of the ship that is her floating home and explained how the crewmembers come from more than 60 different countries. She told the kids that there is lots of work to do on Logos Hope: "On the ship we do different jobs. We have chefs, electricians, mechanics, doctors and teachers on board," explained Karla.

Lana brought out a bucket with soap and water and showed the pupils how to wash their hands before eating to help improve health in the community. The volunteers were invited to join their new friends in a meal of tortillas and coconut juice, which gave them further opportunities to chat to the schoolchildren in Nueva Esperanza.

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