Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Guatemala aims to help young Christian leaders to learn and follow God, and share the truth of the gospel. Logos Hope crewmembers visited the organisation in order to work together towards the same goal, and contribute for one day to helping young people stand firm in faith.

The crewmembers were given the opportunity to share as much knowledge as they could, giving the teenagers an insight into a missionary’s life. The youth were impressed by the diversity of the nationalities represented by the team, and after they introduced Logos Hope, the ship volunteers shared about the least reached.

Jeannine Ludwig (Germany) explained that one of the ship’s main goals is to share hope to those who have never heard the gospel. Talking about Esteban Hernandez’s (Aruba) message, Jeannine said, “When he shared that people know more about Coca Cola than about Jesus, the teenagers were shocked. I thought, ‘They really got it now.’ I hope it will encourage them to obey God and say ‘Here I am.’ Now they know they don’t have to be perfect or have all the answers. They can always grow, and God can work even with our weaknesses.”

The team also wanted to sensitise the youth to human trafficking. Guatemala is one of the countries most affected by human trafficking in Latin America. The crewmembers gave several examples of people who were tricked, travelled, trapped and used (the four stages of human trafficking), explaining that anyone could be a victim.

“It sank in, they understood in every story where the ‘tricking’ part was, so I pray that if this ever happens, they will know,” Esteban shared. And about the encouragement to be involved in missions he added, “There is a lot of potential in Guatemala, and in Latin America in general. There are a lot of people that have a fire for God.”

“What Logos Hope, YWAM and other organisations are doing is going to make a huge change. I think the youth are ready to be mobilised," said Esteban. "I felt really encouraged by the work YWAM is doing. We are different organisations but we have the same passion and heart for the people. Seeing that we are not the only ones was a blessing, and praying and working together was so nice!”

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