We don't want to play with you. You are too bad!

With sad eyes, Aleyna* stood there, surrounded by other kids who participated in our weeklong children's programme, holding on to her badminton racket. One hour later, other children asked if she wanted to play with her. What happend? Rahel, a leader of Hope for Zurich, had explained to Aleyna how to make use of the racket. Then they started counting successful volleys - only four to begin with, then eleven and finally thirty-one. Aleyna's eyes began to shine and she cheered. The audience around the two players started to grow.

With satisfaction, Rahel observed how other kids began to play with Aleyna. Bringing even small steps of hope to kids in the neighbourhood is the goal of the ministry. Around 50 to 70 kids where attending this week's programmes. They were given the option to choose between sports or crafts.

For many kids, for example Erion*, this was an important diversion to staying at home watching TV or  playing computer games all day.

The kids experienced how "Mr Noah" dealt with difficult situations with his animals in his ark: A donkey with low self-esteem and a giraffe feeling useless… Noah's secrets were his conversations with God and his listening to God's advice. God always came up with encouring and creative answers!


* surnames not included for security reasons

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