Gifts of Real Estate


Real Estate Property might be the largest asset you own. It might be a residential property, vacation cottage, farm, commercial property, industrial property, or undeveloped land.

Donating this gift-in-kind to OM Canada not only provides a generous gift to help us continue our work for years to come, but also helps you by providing significant tax benefits. When you give property to OM Canada, you will receive a donation receipt for its appraised fair market value. This donation receipt can be used as a tax credit and offset other taxes.

If this gift to OM Canada is your personal residence, there will be no capital gains tax and the tax credit will offset other taxes.

Also, you don't have the hassle of selling the real estate. You can deed the property directly to OM Canada or ask your solicitor to add a few sentences in your will. A qualified third-party appraisal would be required in order to fulfill charitable tax receipt regulations.

Ways to Give Real Estate

Let us help you get started. You can discuss this confidentially by

1. Calling Andrew Alexander (Director of Development, OM Canada) at 1-877-487-7777 ext. 506

2. Emailing our planned giving staff at