Rohingya Refugee Relief

Bangladesh has already been reeling from the worst flooding in 200 years which destroyed 100,000 homes and affected 20 million people. The OM team launched (through local partners) into helping 1,500 families with food and emergency aid, plus the goal to build 200 homes. 

But then suddenly, since 25 August, over 560,000 Rohingya refugees have arrived in SE Bangladesh with 5,000 to 6,000 more arriving every day, fleeing across the border to escape. Many have had their homes burned and relatives killed. Most have only come with the clothes on their back and a few small possessions. About 20% of the Rohingya have not made it out alive in their escape. 

We need your help to provide emergency aid which include hygiene kits, water, and transitional shelter to about 5,000 families. Besides this, our plan is to help with training and trauma counseling  for the 1000s who have suffered so much loss and tragedy.

Give Now

  • Pray

    Please pray for aid workers, and for the financial resources needed to help the refugees with basic food, shelter tarps, water, and hygiene supplies to start.

  • Give

    We want to help provide latrines and tube wells, medical care, and counseling for the many 1000s of trauma victims.

  • Go

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