Personnel Officer - Inspiro Arts Alliance


Partnership Type

Full Time*

Commitment Length

2-3 years



Partnership Overview

If you love the challenge of bringing clarity to a growing, global movement of artists – then step this way.

The Inspiro Arts Alliance cultivates and empowers artists globally to love through beauty in worship and witness.

Your part in this will be to ensure this alliance of artists is provided with a clear, consistent structure in which to thrive.

Required Skills

This is a remote-location job. Work from virtually anywhere! About 20 hrs/week.

Goal: Ensure all Inspiro staff are cared for through the timely provision of information, resources and guidance for them to thrive in their roles.

== Key Result Area 1: Human Resources Support == Provide administrative and practical support to Inspiro staff and sending/host field so members of the team are cared for well, develop professionally.  (Includes documentation, reporting, communication, compliance, staff development).

Core responsibilities

  1. Staff transitions are to be proactively coordinated and documented with all stakeholders.
  2. Maintenance of personnel records.
  3. Intra and inter team communications:
  4. Internal training and personnel development.
  5. Annual staff appraisals to be in carried out by supervisors for staff.
  6. Policy and best practices are observed, implemented and updated.
  7. Team Life and Health – in conjunction with Artist Connect Lead Pastor.
  8. Monitoring of personal cost centres and expense approvals.

== Key Result Area 2: Mobilising and Placement == Mobilising - Support the mobilisation process by finding and selecting high quality and suitable applicants for Inspiro staff positions.

Placement - In conjunction with sending/host fields, coordinate the applicant's process from application to onboarding for individuals to serve long term in Inspiro effectively and sustainably.

== Key Result Area 3: Role Enrichment == Continue growing and developing in knowledge, skill and application in this role.

Required Competencies

  • Excels in administration and is able to work with/learn necessary technology.
  • Detailed and thorough work ethic.
  • Communicates effectively with others face-to-face, virtually or in writing.
  • Proficient in understanding OM policies and best practices and apply them to Inspiro.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 365's suite of applications, especially Word, Excel, Outlook, and Teams.

This position is ideal for a volunteer or a fundraiser.

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