Sahil Mahajan


Sahil Mahajan - Evangelism and Traveling Ministry Coordinator (Canada)

About Sahil Mahajan:

My name is Sahil Mahajan, our family sought answers to many troubles we faced in life via doctors, different religions, psychic fairs, and in any other way we could find. Our journey lead us to eventually leave Hinduism after seeing Jesus's power through miracles which rescued us from our troubles. Even though Jesus had rescued us, I still had a period of doubting Jesus & thus explored the evidence for Christianity objectively from various different ways. I finally saw evidence that lead me to realized He truly is the only God, at which point I committed my life to Jesus Christ as my only Lord, saviour and only triune God. I have now come to realize the serious need and blessing that many people from closed countries who have never heard the Gospel (like myself originally coming to Canada from India) are all around us in Canada.

This has pushed me to be intentional in serving our God through evangelism in Canada & pointing all to our God through the gospel. Please join me as a co-worker in the gospel through Financial support, prayer and/or encouragement.

I'm passionate about Evangelism and also equipping/training others to feel confident in sharing the Gospel wherever they may be in terms of their profession and respective context.


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