rural area in Caucasus 
picture by Lennard Prediger
Suffering prompted Kamran to think about his life and search for truth. While searching, he found the Bible, experienced a miraculous healing and gave his life to Jesus.
Filming with professional equipment in a studio
picture by Lennard Prediger
Overwhelmed by pain and sadness, Fatima was struggling with depression. Yet social media content about Jesus' life filled her with hope. She reached out to the OM in the Caucasus social media team and asked for a New Testament. This led her to faith in Jesus.
people working on laptop
picture by Lennard Prediger
From a young age, Fuad had been looking for God, searching for true faith. He connected to the OM team in the Caucasus through social media and asked for a New Testament. The Word of God led him to true faith and transformed his life.
Heavy fighting broke out in Sudan on 15 April 2023, devastating many residential areas and causing a critical lack of food, water and medical care for people in affected areas.
OM is continuing to support Jesus followers in Sudan as they share Jesus’ love in word and action amid a continuing humanitarian crisis.
Young women living in a slum in Bangladesh have the opportunity to learn a technical skill like sewing, enabling them to earn a living.  Photo by Garrett N
Working both in the city and in rural areas, OM's women's ministry team serves the women of Bangladesh by offering lessons such as computer literacy, tailoring and literacy.
A worker is praying, kneeling next to an Arabic Bible, the language spoken in the area he serves in. Photo by Johanna Bird.
Gordon and Julie have seen people journey from an initial interest in the gospel to dedicating their lives to God. Sometimes this journey takes many years to complete.