support workers in canada

Over 5,000 people from 124 nationalities serve with OM in more than 118 countries. We are all Jesus followers, some raising financial support for their roles, and others working as volunteers. God has used us to take the gospel around the globe, and we won’t stop now.
This includes those serving throughout Canada.


But God’s ministry through OM does not happen without His guidance and your partnership. 


Will you consider giving to support those serving in Canada?

We all rely on the generosity of God’s people to support our staff as they serve in Canada. Will you help support those who are still below their targeted budget? Our goal is to raise $150,000 this year to fill this gap.

Please also consider giving a recurring gift which will help workers as they set their budgets and plan ahead for ministry.

"OM is a global community of Jesus followers, united to share God’s love with those who don’t know it."

The OM team in Canada has that same passion to reach the lost, whether that's here in Canada or across the globe. As OM in Canada supports and equips local believers to take part in God's mission, workers in Canada need your prayers and financial support.

The majority of mission opportunities at OM are nonsalaried. This means that those working with OM have the privilege and challenge of developing a team of partners who support their financial needs by making donations to Operation Mobilization Canada. These financial gifts cover our workers expenses during their term of service with OM. To get a more personal touch of our workers, you can find a list of individuals and families who have a personal support-raising page on our website. There are many other workers as well who aren't listed on that page.

Will you give towards helping workers in Canada fulfill their role in this mission?

Canadians serving in Europe during a previous trip

Donate online today using the button below, or you can visit our ways to give page for other giving options. 

Pray for the team in Canada:

  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing to fill the roles we are looking for in Canada, that God direct the hearts of the right people to apply.
  • Pray for His ongoing provision for our work despite the challenges the government restrictions brought.
  • Pray for God to lead us as we aim to start new initiatives that will engage communities and churches throughout Canada.
  • Pray for provision for each team member and their families, that God would sustain and equip them to fulfill their ministry.